Don’t tase me bro!!! LOL


Look, this is just hilarious. I know it’s all over the internet, but I enjoyed every minute, every camera angle (there are multiple videos of this). This fool at the University of Florida learned first hand about the cost of our freedom and the cost of his civil disobedience.

This dude has all the hot lines. “What are you doing man.. whoa whoa whoa, is anybody watching this? (uh, yes and it’s fucking hilarious) Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, they’re arresting meeeee! Get away from me!! Get away from me maaan… What did I dooo?” Then the campus cops are basically telling this cat to chill the fuck out, stop resisting arrest, which he doesn’t comply with… and then that money shot. “Don’t TASE ME BRO!” Which might as well have been, “Tase me Bro, fucking Tase me maaaan”… LOL


I love my nillas. I guess he was heckling John Kerry and had to pay the price. I mean, the best part is the pitch in this cat’s voice, straight Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Great. We need more of this kind of entertainment and yes, videos of cats getting tased are officially on the list of things that will always be welcome at UvT.

– Lake


Yo, this is the extended, reverse wu tang angle, “taser only” version of this incident, replete with the ouuch ouuuch, police brutality… whad did I doooo?” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Well, for starters, you had that book in your hand lookin like a demon deacon/sinister minister only in a bullshit Old Navy get up, then, you resisted arrest. It’s quite simple. That’s what you did. You were too stupid to know that once the Po Po’s put their hands on you, you chill the fuck out or feel the wrath of the taser… Let me tell you, if there was a “Go ahead and Tase me Bro” pay-per-view starring this cat, I’d be all over it. There’s nothing I’d like more than to see him catch yet another taser about his chest, breast and arse section of his body ..haaaa

“Help. aaaaaaaaaawwww-uch…aaaaaaah, what did I doo?” haaaa

Is there any question that the lawsuit will soon follow? Great. Oh and here’s the “Don’t Taze Me Remix”.

Yo, seriously, is there anything better, other than the classic “dont taze me bro”, than this cat actually calling out for “help”? Dude, THE COPS ARE FUCKING YOU UP and you’re FIGHTING THEM. They are the help. HAAAAA Classic.


The aftermath of this whole thing is hilarious.  After being tased, this cat still was talking hella shit.

Listen to this cat’s rhetoric.  “They are going to try to kill me, I’m not going to go anywhere.  Can you take these handcuffs off me, can I sit?’  Hilarious.

3 Responses to “Don’t tase me bro!!! LOL”

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