The Juice gets squeezed…


In hilarious news OJ Simpson was picked up on armed robbery charges in Las Vegas this weekend.


Supposedly, the Juice “broke” into a hotel room to get some sports memorabilia. The facts are still a bit sketchy, but the Las Vegas authorities claim OJ had a gun and they confiscate at least two gats for the investigation. All the time, OJ has claimed that he just wanted to get his belongings from the hotel. Hmmm, back in the day you just wanted to get your lady out from under that wild waiter too.


At any rate, the supposed victim is now saying that Juice was right and didn’t do anything wrong. That didn’t stop the LVPD from arresting his candy ass on Sunday. Hey, if the Juice isn’t guilty of this, he’s guilty of something. After all, ole boy is regularly seen on the golf course, messing with multiple Nicole Simpson look-a-likes and just generally not taking his past seriously.


(look at the juice loving his life. You know he bagged at least one of these chicks that night)

In response to this incident, OJ said, and this is not a joke “I’m OJ Simpson, I know I can’t get away with robbery…I thought what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas”… haaaaa


Well at least he’s taking this matter seriously. While I’m at is, let me post up this picture of OJ’s daughter, Sydney…


See looks sturdy in them jeans…not sure if I like it yet. What do yall think?

– Lake



This videotape was just released with wild rantings from the Juice up in that hotel room. First off, how did they get the tape? Don’t tell me all the Vegas rooms are bugged. Dammit. Anyway, Juice is HOT in this joint. Maaaaayne, OJ is one cat I would not be messing with.

2 Responses to “The Juice gets squeezed…”

  1. chadwik Says:

    ya i think she would get it!

  2. otis Says:

    she could get it after she turns around she might have no arse

    after seeing that pic no she looks like a caveman

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