Predictable: Notre Dame catches yet another ass whoopin’


Notre Dame 0, Michigan 38 — and it wasn’t that close.


Not since Deebo addressed the beach cruiser issue with Red in Friday have we seen such a pure and unadulterated ass whoopin like the one that was administered on Saturday in the Big House.

And just like in that incident, everybody saw it coming EXCEPT the arse whoopee, which in this case was Chuck Weis and Notre Dame.


(will this cat ever graduate or does ND just have an endless supply of rainbows, pots of gold and magically delicious looking hobbits hiding around campus pulling childish pranks and showing up at football games?)

Hey, what can be said? Chuck Weis walked into Michigan with an inferior team that was the product of his inferior recruiting and sub par coaching. What baffles me and makes me wonder about Weis’ mettle as a coach is how he and the rest of the Notre Dame staff apparently didn’t know that this was going to happen.


Big shocker: Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija, Darius Walker and company were pretty good players, so maybe those solid first two seasons under Weis weren’t about his “offensive genius” or ability to exploit mismatches like he supposedly did in the NFL at all. No, perhaps it was more about what college football has always been about, TALENT.


Willingham brought that talent in, but the boosters and Notre Dame administration wouldn’t give him the time to see it through to fruition. Instead they broke with the “Notre Dame way”, compromised their own values and reneged on his contract in a way that was unlike anything they had ever done before. Hmmm, I wonder why Ty got different treatment…

Then Weis comes in with a ready made squad full of cats who know how to play football, catches a few down years from some of the Big 10 schools (namely Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State) and plays two or three service academies then Weis is a genius? Suddenly he can see things Willingham couldn’t? No, to parrot Dennis Green, Weis is who we thought he was: a solid assistant coach who had some success in the pros with great players and talented coaches around him.


It’s just that simple. People forget though, Weis was chosen to be the Notre Dame head coach after about seven other guys either said no or were ruled out. Weis wasn’t on anybody’s radar screen for a head coaching job and prior to his stint at Notre Dame he had exactly as much head coaching experience as I had, ZERO. That’s all showing now. I’m not shocked, we knew this day would come. We knew the chickens would come home to roost. We also knew they ran Ty Willingham out of there prematurely and in an unprecedented fashion.

Finally, we also know they won’t fire Weis like they did Tyrone Willingham. The reason we know is because of the real Notre Dame way, not because of a contract extension or a supposedly hot recruiting class for next year. Typical.

– Lake

7 Responses to “Predictable: Notre Dame catches yet another ass whoopin’”

  1. Gaby Says:

    The Irish need Brady Queen back!!!!

  2. Mike Reilly Says:

    The problem is that Ty Willingham spent more time on the golf course and not enough on the recruiting trail. He had only one good recruiting class in 2003. He did get Brady Quinn (who is irish catholic and a life long notre dame fan, and would have gone to ND no matter who was coaching) but that is it. Not one other willingham recruit is an NFL caliber player, and the previous 2 seasons we have seen that TY left a Division II caliber defense. If you think I am just some Charlie weis lover look it up on or rivals .com. Ty’s classes in 2004 and 2005 we pitiful. That is why they are bad right now. They have no talent in their upper class (Thanks to Ty). No one in the country tries to play this many freshman and sophmores, but they just don’t have a choice.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Interesting take. I’ve been on and I’ve seen no appreciable difference in the number or quality of high level recruits, save for the class of 2008, from Charlie Weis. Do you see something different? Moreover, it’s hard for any coach to recruit to a place when it is clear that the fans, alumni and even administration does not support the program under the stewardship of that coach. Notre Dame doesn’t understand who they are. They’re a mediocre football program that used to be able to play nobody, cherry pick a few games and then win big in bowl games. They were able to do that and to a certain extent they still are, because they had great players and all the leverage because of their big popularity and thus, big payday for opponents. But while they were sitting back and resting on their laurels the college football landscape has changed. Kids want to go to USC, the Florida schools, Texas, LSU and to their local big time programs. They can’t cherry pick recruits like they once could. Sure, they’re still able to get a hot QB, RB or receiver, but as you noted, they’ve always been able to get that. What they haven’t been able to get is that hot CB, LB or DE.

    ND will always get mediocre talent (unless they change their academic acceptance standards), which will lead to big spikes in success here and there. That is a reality any coach has to deal with. But in Willingham’s case, he wasn’t even given a chance to see his program grow to fruition. Why is that? I posit it was because he was black and thus never really accepted by the strong presence of ardent racists inside the Notre Dame and college football establishment. No other football coach has been held to that same standard. And after Weis fails this season, which is the worst season in school history, EVER, he won’t be held to the Willingham standard either.

    Additionally, Weis is an arrogant prick. He wrote a book one year after he took the job. He consistently styled himself as an offensive genius. In short, he’s an asshole and he’s not that much better than any other head coach, least of all, Ty Willingham. If you are going to hold Ty to a standard, have the decency to hold Weis to the same standard. If you aren’t willing to do that, then I’m pretty sure I know why. You can blame Ty for the losses now, that’s fine, but who gets credit for wins under Weis? Those were Ty’s players. Also, ND has other players in the NFL during the Ty era, plus Ty had other guys who were good.. Darius Walker, Jeff Symardja (sp), etc. Come on now.. Call it straight. Hey, listen, fuck Notre Dame. You just got to admit when you’re dealing with an arrogant, racist culture and that’s clearly what you’ve got there. I used to be a ND fan. now they can go straight to hell… Weis too. You are all getting what you deserve. I have no sympathy and if you literally never win another game, it will be too soon for me. Your wins and losses have more to do with how good PSU, Michigan, and MSU are.. when they are down, you win. When they are up, you lose. Believe me, if ND was in the SEC, they’d rarely be above .500.

    You can keep on making excuses for Weis and ND, but at some point all the excuses will run out and you’ll be left with these simple facts: You team is not good. It’s Weis’ fault and your decision makers will NOT hold Weis to the same standard they did to Ty Willingham.

    So I’m going to talk about it. Thanks for writing… sorry for the ramble, I’m trying to catch a plane, so I had to type fast.

  4. Observer Says:

    I’ve never seen a situation where a coach gets a 10 year contract during his first year with a team. Makes no sense.

    I bet you even if Ty Willingham had gone undefeated they wouldnt have given him a 10 year contract.

    I feel its clear that black coaches are held to different standards than white coaches, especially in the college ranks.

  5. Westerville< OH Says:

    Ty is better than Weis.

    Only team scared of Weis is the Krispy Kreme new product team!

  6. ND lover Says:


  7. ND lover "your" "a" "idiet" Says:

    notre dame didn’t beat OSU in the fiesta bowl anyway, so what’re you so proud of?

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