Duke beats Northwestern, ones of fans cheer


Oh yes, we almost forgot. Duke beat Northwestern on Saturday.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Duke Sports fan (well, all except Lax who I actively root against and Football who I just don’t even think about), but for me this is not news. The only reason why I’m even raising the issue is because Duke has more wins than Notre Dame right now and yes, those two powerhouse football programs meet in an epic battle on November 17th.


(And no I don’t know who this cat is, but I can only assume he plays for Duke. I like the hard look in his eye though)

Hell, Notre Dame might make a Duke Football fan out of me yet. I’ll say it now, if Duke beats Notre Dame I’ll rock the full Duke Football track suit, a Fubu headband, a whistle around my neck and that varsity jacket some of those cats used to rock around campus…take it all and wear it to work like WHAT.  Go Devils (I think).

– Lake

—————- UPDATE ———————–

Lake my man,

I’m taking that bet all day.  You have to rock the all blue version of the track suit as well as a 1999 Outback Bowl hat (the last time Duke was ranked and went to a bowl game)

By the way….The Big Tenleven must reaaaaaaly suck this year.  What the hell is going on?


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