Belicheat fights back!!!


After a week of face slappities and Belichick ego smackities the New England Patriots coach silenced some of his critics on Sunday with a convincing win over the AFC rival San Diego Chargers. As far as we know, Bill didn’t cheat for this win, but then again, you never can tell…


(Look at Bill in his b-boy stance. Too stylish)

B-Cheat was his usual cheerful self after the game, you know, mumbling, not asnwering quesitons, and taking offense to everything that wasn’t congratulatory. Hell, with an attitude like that perhaps he should join the Bush Administration.


At least with his tactics, lying and cheating he manages to get things done with is more than I can say for Dubyah and his band of idiots. Anyway, it was a good win for the Pats and you just know they’re all celebrating right now. Belichick would do his typical, sacrifice someone’s relationship by stealing their wife, but he’s waiting for Tom Brady to make it legit with Gisele.


Ok, I admit it, I just wanted to post another picture of Gisele, but Bill would hit…though, I can’t really blame him.

– Lake

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