Bill Belichick: Sex, Lies and Videotape


No need to spend much time on this, but it kind of bares mentioning that the New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is not at all a good dude.


(Head Cheater)

The latest example of this was revealed to us this week when we learned that the Patriots were using a video camera to steal the play calling signs from the Jets Defense during the game this weekend. It’s been speculated that the Pats could lose multiple draft picks as a result of this latest transgression.


Hopefully they’ll smack Billy B up with a stiff suspension as well. What’s wrong with this cat? I mean, the guy is surly, abrasive, inconsiderate, classless and just downright rude. Which would be bad enough, but this is now the second time the Pats cheated under Belichick’s stewardship — reportedly the Pats were warned about improperly using video tape to monitor the Packers last year.


Everybody is tired of Bill’s act.

He’s a complete jerk who has gotten a ridiculous pass from these hypocritical media types who love to nail Randy Moss, AI, Terrell Owens, and Michael Vick, but look the other way for “their guy” who of course is part of their set of “good ole boys”… I’m speaking of clowns like Tony Kornheiser who actually had the audacity to criticize LaDainian Tomlinson for saying that the Pats cheat.Again, Tony, you really suck as broadcaster and a sports personality. You may play this lovable crazy grandpa type on PTI, but I remember when you were a mean-spirited ole coot back on DC sports talk radio. You suck and have no journalistic integrity, just like Bill.


(peep one of the married women Billy B was macking)

I’m not going to run it down, but let’s just say he ran around on his wife, he cheats with wives of other married men, he assaults cameramen, he disses his old assistants, he refuses to acknowledge the good play of other players… hell, I do believe Bill might be responsible for global warming. Look at all the loot he was providing ANOTHER man’s wife in New Jersey..


Bill is a wiiiiiiiild boy!!!!

Tommy B having babies out of wedlock, Bill Belichick banging out other people’s wives, Rodney Harrison and the HGH scandal, yep the Pats are off to a great year. Who knew that they needed to bring in Randy Moss to bring some character and integrity into that organization… LOL


4 Responses to “Bill Belichick: Sex, Lies and Videotape”

  1. Tom Hayes Says:

    Hey Dumbo,

    It is amazing how poor readers still like to write. If you were to educate yourself, you’d know that the NFL permits video taping (filming, polaroids, use of binoculars) by the teams to glean information about each other. Read all about it, it’s in the rule book. There are restrictions as to where you can be when you do the recording, and a Patriots employee was in a non-authorized location on Sunday. That’s the entire issue here: an employee’s location. Every team studies every other team every week. Did you really not know this?

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Hilarious. I’m not steeped in knowledge of NFL rules, particularly as it relates to videotaping, filming, “polariods” (which is a company, NOT a form of media), cacksuckers who may or may not be named Tom Hayes, or the Patriots’ scouting practices. I actually didn’t know “all about it” as I don’t own a rule book. What I do own is deez nuts, and since my zipper is stuck, I would ask that someone place something in your mouth or hand (or BOTH) so you can just shut the hell up.

    Let’s assume it actually mattered that it was a issue of a “non-authorized location” (which I disagree with by the way); it would still be cheating pursuant to the rule book you claim to be so conversant with. If you live in Texas and have “non-authorized” killing of a person, you still fry in that authorized electric chair.

    Honestly, there is nothing worse than a mufucka like you who acts like he’s intelligent when he’s really nothing more than a babbling idiot. My only hope is that you forward a “polaroid” of yourself along with all your vital information so I can clown your punk ass just like I did your boy William Beli-cheat. Seriously homey, you aren’t on my level. Next.

    Humbly submitted,


  3. HeyFuckwad Says:

    Hey fuckwad, why don’t you do the world a favor and decorate your walls Kurt Cobain style. BB responsible for global warming? I thought it was blowhards like you spouting off shitloads of hot air, but what do I know. Oh wait I know what I know, a lot more than you ever will. You know, unimportant things like what it’s like to have sex with a girl, (That three way you had with your mom and your sister doesn’t count) or what it’s like to have real life friends.

    I saw that pic you had and was wondering why you put a pic of mickey mouse in it until I realized you have a fetish for all things Disney. Frankly I think Goofy would be shocked if he knew all the nasty things you want to do to him, but hey you always liked it “doggy” style, am I right?

  4. liltyral Says:

    and Johnson even came out and said he did it as the Cowboys coach…

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