Big Brother 8: Danielle Crumbles


It’s already understood that I can’t stand that terrible chick Danielle Donato.


She’s actually worse than her father, because at very least, you can argue that Dick wants what’s best for his daughter which is admirable on some level.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Dick. He’s exactly what his name implies, a dick. But in contrast to his terrible daughter Danielle, who is completely selfish, self-centered and overall terrible, he’s not so bad. Well anyway, and this is kind of a spoiler if you’re waiting for the Thursday show, but I got a lot of joy seeing her freeze her fake Js off up on that carrot during the final HOH competition last night on Showtime After Dark. It was HILARIOUS.


At first she started doing some little dance to stay warm, which is understandable since she has 0% body fat, 25% silicon and the rest is literally skeletor inspired bone with that super tight skin wrapper. Not only that, but you know she’s always rocking nearly no gear, up in some daisy dukes, tank top and wild headband. Anyway, the babe just started making the wildest noises you’ll ever hear, starting with these little whimpers. Then the camera cut off, I guess they want to save the drama for the show and it came back to her, after she quit, getting some towels and sitting outside and fake crying..


(she does look kinda decent here, I must admit)

HAAA Yo, I loved it. Especially since her pop was just talking hella shit to Zack about nothing the whole time. Some ole nonsense to try and get Zack to quit. It was so stupid. One thing I can tell about Danielle, she’s clearly a screamer or a good faker in bed. Hate to say it, but her whimpers sounded a lot like some ole other sh*t.

I just attached this video so people can see the personalities of these fools. Go Zack, the Donatos are terrible.

– Lake

3 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Danielle Crumbles”

  1. Axiom Dre Says:

    Don’t hate the Donatos because they’ve been playing this game since the beginning. They are the most honest people in the game and it’s hilarious watching everyone try to get them out and week after week they’re still there.

  2. Michael Says:

    As I try to get past her voice (insert whiney shrill) I can’t help but think that the Donatos are really in need of some therapy rather than a TV show. Father is a bully, a woman hater, a general hater who clearly has alot of hostility and uses his battering ways in the name of ‘game’. CBS really dropped the proverbial ball this year by feeding the Donatos inside information by way of the Diary Room and allowing the father to blatantly cheat. Both of them are dishonest and untrue to themselves as they both have huge egos built upon the constant name calling, underhanded, bashing of previous houseguests. It is a sad commentary that some viewing audience members find this behaviour ‘hilarious and honest’. I had to stop watching this season as it made my stomach turn. One can only hope that the Donatos and their fans find some constructive way to release the evil from within without causing further damage to other people in their midst. A sad show this year in so many ways.

  3. nadine Says:

    hay didnt u play in gilmore girls

    i wach it every day no it is all old shows

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