$10,000 to Become Black? That ain’t White!


So the DuBois center at Harvard did a sociology study where they asked questions about preferences and race. For example, they figured out that the average amount it would take for their experimental group to give up television for life is roughly $1,000,000. Fair enough, one long stack is still a life changing amount of money for almost everyone, and most current TV isn’t that good anyway.  It would probably be good for you.

Then they asked White people what it would take to have them permanently become Black.


Most respondents said they would make that change for $10,000. That’s right, ten G’s, a used Honda civic, half the living wage, the price of a upper range Rolex, hold the ice, or 100 times less than it would take to give up TV.

Are these people out of their damn minds?

I know a flossy brother like Brock makes it look like fun, but being a brothaman, like pimpin’ (and there is pimpin involved), ain’t easy. (click that link…it’s ridiculous)  Let’s review what you get for your ten G’s. The average white man lives to a ripe old age of 76, where the average black man only gets to about 69. The average white man makes 42K a year, where the average black man makes about $32,000. Damn, you made the the grand right back in the first year.  Life expectancy combined with average salary will get you $70,000.  You’re already selling yourself short.

Does it really look that cool? Or are people that woefully unaware of what it is like to be in another persons shoes?  People really think it is all good huh? Do you think it is as easy as this?


Twist the hat to the side, throw on a jesus piece and grab a wristband.

Look, don’t change your race. Just do what my nilla Lake did and start hanging out with a brother.


That way you can pick up all the language, (Don’t use the words “bling”, “the bomb”, or anything with “izzle”…it’s over, trust me), learn the fine at of appreciating tail over breast, and if you are lucky you can learn how to find the beat to the song and dance in time to it.

Like Chris Rock said, even the janitor wouldn’t switch places with him and he’s rich. You gotta see how the white thing works out.

I wonder if the people running the study asked the inverse of the question. What would a Black person pay to be White? Michael Jackson was willing to pay his sanity, his reputation, his street cred, and his ability to sell records in the US.  It still worked out for him…right?


One Response to “$10,000 to Become Black? That ain’t White!”

  1. Rosy Says:

    Brock if there is a Webby for funniest blog caption I am nominating this.

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