Who fell off more?



On the real tip, the meteoric fall of Britney Spears (by the way, she’s running around with no draws again) and Mike Vick has been crazy this year. How did this happen? With Brit, it’s just that combination of loot, drugs, that terrible ass K-Fed and the classic too much too soon syndrome.

With Vick, well, his homies just let him down.


(again, and maybe this is just me, but this “chew toy” strikes me as racist. How are you going to have a “chew toy” that looks nothing like Vick, except that barely recognizable 7 etched on his shirt? And no, it’s not ok to have dogs chewing the ass out of a “black man doll” just because you gave up red meat for 8 months back in ’96. Suspect)

I’m not saying he wasn’t wrong, but his boy was being investigated for drugs, which led the cops to his crib.  THEN his boys, people he had been carrying for the better part of 6 years, turned on him. Tough… Mike must be a hard cat to get along with also known as a dick to have those cats do him like that. So who fell harder, Brit or Vick?

– Lake

One Response to “Who fell off more?”

  1. raafman Says:

    I’mma go with Brit off the strength of this alone. btw, I think they had to make sure that dog toy didn’t look too much like Mike so they wouldn’t get sued.

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