Review: 50 Cent v. Kanye West


I had these albums two weeks ago just got my hands on my 50 Cent and Kanye West albums.


Predictably Mr. Cent’s album has a decent song here and there, most notably “I Get Money” which I must say is hot.

I took Quarter Water and sold it bottles, for two bucks
Coca-Cola came and bought it for Billions, what the f*ck

Dude, you have to give it to 50… this cat came out of nowhere and showed far more range than anyone thought he had back in his “Get Rich or Die Trying” days.


(gotta love how cats rock the iced out Jesus piece with a gun)

I mean, who among us thought this cat wouldn’t literally die trying, really, before he got rich. But dude has shown he’s a real bitniz man. Respek.

But with that said, there is a clear winner on the who had the best album. Again, no shockers here, Kanye’s blows 50’s joint out of the water.


I know, I know, “Fiddy” claimed he’d retire if Ye sold more albums.


You gotta love 50’s Republican level game aka “yall are stupid as hell” repeated made up beef to push units whenever he’s about to drop an album. Unfortunately, this time I think he’s ushered in the discussion that maybe he really should stop rapping, because this joint isn’t all that impressive.

I contrast, with Graduation, Kanye proves again that he’s a true artist with songs we knew, Stronger and Can’t Tell Me Nothing (even though this may be the worst video ever made) and even joints we didn’t like Champion, Flashing Lights, The Glory, and Homecoming to name a few and though I could do without Drunk and Hot Girls and Big Brother (a little too much dack riding for me, but to each his own), I still appreciate all of it.


The thing about Kanye is that his soup to nuts control of every aspect of his musical production really gives you everything you want on the back end of that final product. You can listen to this stuff 50 times and it just keeps getting better. Sure, I had the pre-release, I’ll admit it, but I’ve got to go cop this joint TODAY out of respect alone.


– Lake

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