Dumbization of America II: Come on Maine!


A grocery store in Maine carded a 65 year old woman who was trying to buy wine with no ID.


Apparently, they thought she might be part of a scheme to help underage drinkers by being their liquor mule and smuggling the hooch out of the local Stop & Shop. Yeah… I don’t know how they get down in Maine, but underage kids are generally trying to score a twenty dollar bottle of Merlot when they are trying to get a buzz on the weekend. They are usually looking to get a pack of camels, a bottle of Vodka in a plastic bottle, and a 30 can “bonus” case of the Beast. And most people don’t target 65 year-old women, they usually look for these guys. Or even this guy who invariably ends up being this guy or worse, THIS GUY (aaaaaaaaaaw why).

Store proprietors of Maine. Common sense, it is your friend.


One Response to “Dumbization of America II: Come on Maine!”

  1. bibliomom Says:

    Liquor mule! Ha. Yes when I was in High School we weren’t excited about a bottle of Merlot, Mailbu maybe but definitely NOT Merlot.

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