NFL Kickoff: Brady Quinn Watch Edition


So your boy Brock hit the man cave at 1:00pm sharp and fired up the NFL Season Ticket on my multiple TV set up.  I watched my Falcons get drug for about a half and switched to this 13-13 shootout in Green Bay, I looked up at my game mix to see how Brady was doing in .  (Okay, actually I was trying to check on Braylon Edwards for fantasy).  I see Cleveland down 7-24 to Pittsburgh, so I switch to the game, and lo and behold the man taking snaps for Cleveland ain’t named Quinn.


I checked the depth chart and Notre Dame’s golden boy has managed to hold down that third string job.  That is the same as Mr. Elizabeth Hasselbeck in NY (AKA the Hasselbeck that doesn’t play) who ain’t sniffed no paaaaaaaarts of the field in years.   In fact, I found a pic of Brady practicing this week:


I mean that guy is good at sitting down.

Well, at least the Brady Quinn Watch can take some time off until the cat actually gets on the field.  See ya in November?  December?  2008?


One Response to “NFL Kickoff: Brady Quinn Watch Edition”

  1. raafman Says:

    …hate to call a brother out, but the Hasselbeck with hair ain’t got no team anymore. That’s alright, though, ‘cuz B. Quinn is still soft.

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