Unranked Notre Dame goes into Penn State


Let’s just say we’ve got the angel of death on pager call for what is certain to be a blood bath in Happy Valley.


Oh, it’s gonna be an ass whoopin and you just know the Large Anchovy, Chuck Weis will just blame is on “an inexperienced Quarterback”…. of course, it’s got to be him. Not your lack of speed on defense, your lack of talent on offense or your inability to execute those “offensive genius” plays your myopian fans were gloating about all last year.

I must say, I do kind of like Jimmy Clausen though. He’s got that air that just says, “I’m better than everyone on this stinking team”.


You know what, I think he’s right (and that includes his brazenly arrogant coach).


Hey Chuck, here’s a book title idea for your next book.

Overrated: How I tricked ND into Prematurely Extending my Candy Ass

– Lake with a machete in his hand


Well, for a second there it looked like the Penn State was doing everything in their power to help Notre Dame, but the inevitable happened, Notre Dame got rolled up 31-10 and believe me it wasn’t that close. Penn State turned the ball over three times in the first half and still, ND never looked or felt like a real contender. It was just Jimmy Clausen against the world out there. I guess Chuck Weis inability to recruit is finally showing itself. Jimmy had NO HELP out there, particularly from his unproven coach/author Chuck “the Large Anchovy” Weis. Let’s see who wins the toilet bowl next weekend in Ann Arbor. I’ll let Brock, who was at that Oregon v. Michigan game give you the inside scoop on THAT debacle.

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