Nude photos apology: Vanessa Hudgens


Damn, damn, damn.


When will they learn? Yet ANOTHER chick in the long line of famous and not so famous babes got duped into the nude picture okie doke thing, this time it was Disney’s “High School Musical 3” star Vanessa Hudgens (who I must admit, I knew nothing about until I saw this story, so it’s already helping her career).


(I didn’t know her, but I do like that look in her eye)

Supposedly, her then boyfriend and co-star Zac Efron took the pics of her in her bedroom at home.


Rookie mistake.


At any rate, ladies, when will you learn.


Whether you’re a young starlet trying to make it big in Hollywood or some chick on the block, trying to make it big over at that new Starbucks that just opened up, DO NOT TAKE NUDE PICTURE FOR YOUR MAN, ever!!! Because one day he will not be your man anymore. I know it’s hard to understand that, but it’s true. And mark my words, eventually, your man WILL SHOW HIS BOYS (if he hasn’t already, don’t try to understand it, it’s a dude thing)… That’s why he’s not in those pictures with you. He wants your ass isolated so he can show them off and keep his ass safe from embarrassment. Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you, but it’s true. If you’ve ever taken nude photos, chances are R. Kelly is peeing on your glossies as we speak… I tried to warn ya.


At any rate, here is the site that will directly link you to the NSFW real deal shot of Vanessa Hudgens naked. I haven’t seen it of course, I’m not into that kind of thing… but based on all the emails you guys have been sending me, I figured I’d link you on it. Enjoy.. And Vanessa, like Noelia, this is probably mission accomplished for you. I mean, I still don’t know you and won’t watch your show, movie or whatever it is, but I’m interested, which is more than I can say about you before. Nice work, I just hope you didn’t play the Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian card too quickly. We shall see.

– lo lake

98 Responses to “Nude photos apology: Vanessa Hudgens”

  1. Naughty, Naughty « Yorkville Says:

    […] doesn’t ruin her career, I don’t think it will, it’s not very scandalous. Click here for the […]

  2. drmiketemp Says:

    You do realize that you’re linking to what can be considered to be child porn, right?

  3. Lake Arlington Says:


    My understanding is that the person in question is 18 years old. If I’m not mistaken, she turns 19 in December. It may not be the most noble thing to do, but I’m not familiar with any jurisdiction that considers these pictures as such. If you have some more information that I should be aware of, by all means let us know and the link will be gone.


  4. drmiketemp Says:

    She’s 18 now. She wasn’t when they were taken.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Is that so, when were they taken and what’s the applicable law governing obscene pictures over the internet and which applicable law in which jurisdiction are you referring to and how would that apply to a link to a page that has a link to a page with that picture and what’s the difference between a canoe and a kayak and how many secret herbs and spices go into the colonel’s special recipe for crispy, not spicy, chicken and why does my BMW make that moaning noise when I back up and turn left, but not when I turn right and is there really any difference between Grey Goose Vodka and Smirnof, after all, I heard Vodka is nothing more than a chemical compound? I just need to know.

    Wait, did I spell Smirnoff wrong? I’m sure you’ll have that answer for me when you respond. Holler back homey.

  6. Lauren Says:

    Vanessa, i still think your awesome. i hope it doesnt ruin her career. im just wondering how did it get to the puplic?

  7. Maddik Says:

    ha your response is priceless i almost got fired from laughing out loud you a fool and i love it some people need to get over it

  8. ludmilla Says:

    dude people need to get over it. i hope that it doesnt ruin her career. she is a pretty girl. it was an accident and accidents happen. we are not all perfect

  9. mia Says:

    its okay and all of you are right that she wasnt 18 when the pictures were taken but i still luv baby V!!!

  10. mia Says:

    it wont ruin her career coz shes such good actress nd needless to say that H.S.M. isnt H.S.M. without vanessa….

  11. nader Says:

    fuck u girl ur sexy and hotttt.

  12. Dude Says:

    I’d dump in that all day long!

  13. travis gaskin Says:

    I love the shape of your ass!!!

  14. travis gaskin Says:

    nice boobs vanessa!!!

  15. travis Says:

    i would fuck u any time!!!

  16. hayhaymeme Says:

    e-mail me girl i will hook you up with a guy they will think your sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. gloria Says:

    i don’t like you like that!!

  18. tiffany Says:

    Vanessa is a show off! All she does is impress zac by showing him nood pics. IT”S NASTY!

  19. Ozlem Says:

    its realy none of your bissness

  20. mariah23586 Says:

    soooooooooooooo she not fired?

  21. mariah23586 Says:

    any one here this late?

  22. mariah23586 Says:

    sombody text me areaDY

  23. karen Says:

    vanessa shame on u but i still know that your love for zacs and zacs love 4 u will never end.. i am still ur biggest fan ever…

  24. mariah23586 Says:

    were you talking to me?

  25. mariah23586 Says:

    to lake arlington how old are u?

  26. mariah23586 Says:


  27. mariah23586 Says:

    :[ :] :} im a dork im only………………….

  28. mariah23586 Says:


  29. mariah23586 Says:

    i mean 8 sorry:]

  30. neil coronado Says:

    hello vanessa im neil coronado frm yur #. 1 fun ever..i understand wat is yur situatuation now…its okey.. i know and yu know its a part of lyf..i know yu can do it coz i knoe yur a strong girl..coz we filipinos are strong human beings here in this we call it proud of yu girl..fight until the end no matter what…aja vanessa aja the way(b.t.y.) here in philippines aja means go for it, yu can do it…see yahhh..gud luck…dont yahh worry i watch high school musical…

  31. mariah23586 Says:


  32. mariah23586 Says:

    hey vanessa you probley made the biggest mistake ever but im still your fan. love u. im sorry that you made the mistake.

  33. a person Says:

    i like you and everything but i think you did the wrong thing if zac really cares about you he’d wait and if you cared about him you’d wait

  34. h0rny Says:

    oh i would tap that

  35. william Says:

    wow ur so fine i would…. gah ur so fine

  36. marilyn medina Says:

    i am your biggest fan i understand it was made 4 u and zac not 4 the world to know

  37. mariah23586 Says:

    hey william how old r u?

  38. mariah23586 Says:

    to william ur cute.

  39. mariah23586 Says:

    to ozlem shut up. OK

  40. mariah23586 Says:


  41. mariah23586 Says:

    hi my friend is here text me back FFN FRIENDS FOR NOW

  42. mariah23586 Says:

    anyone here? sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? who wants to be my friend? LUV U. TEXT ME BACK AT MIDNIGHTT

  43. mariah23586 Says:

    HI IM FLIRTY……………………..

  44. mariah23586 Says:


  45. preeti Says:

    shes a nasty bitch man but i wana have SEX with TROY

  46. Zaida and Mickayla Says:

    hey babe its ok not everyone is perfect you guys need to just keep it cool and im sure that Zac will always be your man luv ya.

    Hey i think maybe next time you should keep this on the dl.I think that one pic is so funny! lol I know everyone is not perfect but we all have a time were we get in a werid situation. Don’t worry if Zac freaked bout a zit or 2. luv ya
    By the way we’re only 13 and 11 , but we give the best advice ever!!!!!!!!!!:] :]
    Don’t worry be happy

    p.s. the 11 year olds is the longer reply cuz I am so much more kooler!

    well mariah23586 your annoying and not helping V!!!!!!!

  47. albin Says:

    I like you bybe

  48. random009 Says:

    I hope it ruins her career cause nude pics are all she has to offer zac. SHAME ON YOU VANESSA!!!!

  49. mariah23586 Says:

    to zaida and mickayla ugly name have you read my messages. :}

  50. mariah23586 Says:

    to preeti how old are you yr my enamee.

  51. mariah23586 Says:

    hey vanessa ur soooooooooo preety. but zaida shes ugly.

  52. mariah23586 Says:


  53. Mariahsastupidbitch12 Says:

    Mariah your the stupidest girl i have ever met. Loser.

  54. Jennifer Says:

    You didn’t have to do that. Zac loves you the way you are! The pitures are wrong but I’m still a big fan. And sense this is being shown I think Mariah better shut his BIG FAT MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. sandy aka ghetto girl Says:

    mariah……….. bitch shutufuckup you slutty asshore yo ass is so fucking annoying get a life you dorky dork ohhhhhhh my god fuck you bitch if i was there with you ill shoot yo ass down ya diggggg cuz i dig peaceeee out homies

  56. sandy aka ghetto girl Says:

    mariah shutufuckup bitch if i was there with yo ass ill beat the shit out of you ya diggggggggggggg

  57. mariah23586 Says:

    im 7

  58. rose Says:

    u shouldnt have taken that picture u mother fuka

  59. Lacey London Says:

    what in the world i thought you were a role model for kids

  60. Lacey London Says:

    What in the world!! i thought you were supposed to be a role model for kids! Is that what you think kids should act like? j/k still love you!!!!!

  61. pwince$ Says:

    mariah shut da fk up u bitch

  62. Amy Says:

    hey V i think that those pix shouldnt have ben taken in the first place but your still the same sweet vanessa!!!!!!!!!!
    luv amy***

  63. exela Says:

    hi im alexandra im sort of angry at u 4 doing that and stuf

    an i dont like u that much i dont know why ????????????

    but i just wanted 2 say its not ur falt

  64. Luke Says:

    Wow, I wish i could rip those sheilds right off and fuck u all day long! sexy vanessa!

  65. zeke Says:

    hi vannessa i still love u ur hot and sexy and i hope u keep career. e-mail me at
    P.S. nice boobs vanessa!!!

  66. michael99 Says:

    you are hot and i want to have sex with you nice ass and boobs iwant hmp you

  67. pfsdsdf Says:

    you are very hot and i like your bubbies and i want to do the sex with you aaaaaaa you are a pornographic aaaa yeAH

  68. julie Says:

    Vanessa you are my favorite actress I really like you but Idon’t like what you do please don’t do it again.

  69. jessica Says:

    what the hell were you thinking i looked at you as a role model but not no more!!!

  70. jessica Says:

    what the hell were you thinking you used to be my role model and all i think of you is a________.i can’t think of the word to explane it.

    oh zac I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU now you are my role model


  71. jessica Says:

    i can’t belive that you did that you used to be my role model but not NO MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    oh and I LOVE YOU zaciekinz now yopu are my role model

  72. mike Says:

    Only an asshole would tell women not to pose nude for their man.

  73. Sxy Tori Says:

    Vanessa Im a lezza an I fink ure hot
    but you are no way as sexy as me!
    Butt watevr, uz lezzaz need 2 stic 2geva and on u!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ|ZZZZZZZZZZ!

  74. meeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:


  75. Ashley Says:

    you Stink You can’t apolagize for putting naked photos on the internet you think it is ok to do that to your fans you almost ruin your carrer of high school musical think about all those fans that watch this disney channel. You can’t just put naked pictures on here like britney spaers would do you jerk, stupid , freak, miss goody too shoes I HATE YOU SO MUCH I am writing this with alot of anger you which.

  76. sam Says:

    u nasty

  77. Zac Efron Says:

    vanessa has a nice set of boobs

  78. Yomamma Says:

    Yes!! This is great news!! now we know that our future is secured once Pamela and Paris Hilton stop doing porns…we have just found the succesor!! Horray for Disney!!!

  79. Lisa Says:


  80. lolo Says:

    i hate u sooooooooo much
    zac doezn’t love hi just want 2 fuck u
    love u zac

  81. Josica Says:

    i like pie!

  82. saleem Says:

    fuck u bitch u r damn nice pussy

  83. KYNIAH Says:


  84. jessica Says:

    hey vann. i used to like u but what the fuck. what are these photos of u. what are u trying to do show of your body. zac is wrong about everyone is. go zac..

  85. dork Says:

    vanessa your hot everything but that was just a mistake but i wanna see more

  86. asshly Says:

    hay como dejastes que el amor te siegue por dios es que hay gente tan ignorante

  87. smileyz Says:

    did u know that vanessa hudgens did not mail the photos herm ex best friend did because she was jelous because she came out in high school musical 1 2 3 n cause shes was with zac efron but i sill like vanessa i hope she still has alot of fans

  88. johana Says:

    u r so pretty but she didnt mail them it was ger ex bff because she as helous that she was going out with zac efron n she came out in high school musical 1 2 3 but i still like her it wasa mistake everbody does that cmon leave her alone just be good baby v

  89. rlscml Says:

    what were you thinking of taking nude pics anyway?

  90. cgvsfcvsvt7c zx Says:

    u send those nasty pictures
    to zac and that is
    uncalled for u should not
    be famous or have zac or
    play in hogh school musical
    1 or2

  91. ashley tisdale Says:

    yani vanessadan ztn gıcık zapıyorum ha bi de bunun üzerine şu fotoları da gördüm ya artıık tamamen sinir oluyorum o cadaloza yani ztn çooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk çirkin

  92. littleindianflower Says:

    I feel so bad for her, her entire career is ruined, and basically she has to have horny fucks, gloating bitches, and obsessive fans drool over her ( not to mention creepy underaged horny seven year olds *cough* mariah 23586), like on this website…it would fucking suck, a lot of girls take nude pics with their boyfriends, they just aren’t famous with a shitload of backstabbing-power hungry friends who’ll leak shit to the press…NOT TO MENTION, it is dumb how big of a deal ppl are making over this anyways, because meanwhile there is genocide going on in darfur and tibet, can one person name the most recent action that china took against tibet….i highly doubt it. Wake up america, she is just a fucking teenager…give her a break.

  93. choclte thunder Says:

    everyone onethis site is sad get off he nt go get lives p.s that vannesa chick is hot

  94. choclte thunder Says:

    also i cant spel 2 gud. an mareac chick u ondissite wayyyyyy 2 much its sad. im never writn on a site again cosi got a life. yay 4 me!

  95. marilena Says:

    vanessa go back wiv zac

  96. sexy babe Says:

    FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vanessa u bitch no 1 wanted 2 see u nude only a bitch will do that i used to love u but now OMG i hope that ruince ur career no 1 likes u any more

  97. sex master Says:


  98. rhilsexy Says:

    she’s hot lol

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