UvT Sports: Let’s get it!


I know you missed me while I was away, and if my email is accurate, I know the ladies missed your boy Brock. Damn, I didn’t know an opinionated brother did that for ya. My nilla Lake held it down for me in my absence, but I’ve been working for you, the loyal UvT reader. I’ve been setting up the UvT sports bureau and with college football off to a wild start, and the NFL starting to roll on Sunday. I’m just in time.

First off, let’s get started with the worst loss in college football history.

The Michigan Wolverines dropping to the uhhhh Mountaineers of Appalachian State.


First off, I hate schools that just add “state” to the end of a random word and then look at you funny when you don’t know where the hell it is. Appalachian State? Is that right next to Redneck High and Country U? Anyway, apparently while watching tape, they figured out that Lloyd Carr had no idea what to do with a damn QB draw and a brother with a pimperish name like Armanti rammed it down the throat of Michigan, IN THE BIG HOUSE! I mean where was the damn home field advantage? Aren’t those kids supposed to be intimidated just walking in to that spot? Mike Hart was riding a bike like he was competing with TO in the Tour De Oxnard instead of trying to win the game. Did he really think he would still win even if he didn’t play? Don’t let Michigan drop one to Oregon next week. Lloyd might be on the streets before the end of the month.


I know Lloyd, you are “starting over”, well you can win the Big 10 now and the Man…errrr…BCS computer won’t let you anywhere close to a big game. I predict that Michigan will be ranked long ’bout 20 today. Otherwise they will have to admit that little teams like App. State deserve to play with the big boys even though they don’t make bank like the bigs, and you know it is all about the money competition.

In other news, Notre Dame is f’n terrible. They got drug up out by Georgia Tech at home 33-3. I see you Charlie, I know, it’s a rebuilding year, keep dancin’.


Oh yes, the Brady watch is on. He is scheduled to get drug at home by the Steelers Sunday long about 1pm. The NFL season ticket is locked in, and I’ll be watching on the theater screen. Can’t wait.


————————-  UPDATE  ——————————

Michigan got knocked CLEAN out of the top 25.  My goodness.  My thing is, what do you do when a low ranked team wins the Big 10?  Does the system have time to self correct, or will this be yet another flaw in the BCS?

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