Senator Larry Craig about to come out?


Of the Senate that is… Fellow hypocrites and moralizers within the Republican party are calling for his resignation.


He just stepped down from his committee assignments amid controversy surrounding his solicitation of a sex act from an undercover officer in a Minneapolis Airport bathrooom and word has it from our UvT Miami bureau that he’s currently walking down Know Your Role Boulevard, will soon be taking a Left at Jabroni Drive where he’ll see and promptly check his candy ass di-rect-itally into the SMACKDOWN HOTEL!!!! Good riddance.

And please, stop saying you aren’t gay, because everyone knows better.  Come on dude, we know you did it, just admit it. Besides, I’ love to hear another one of those “Gay American” speeches like the one Gov. Jim McGreevey gave. That was hot!


I’m like Jay Z…”Bring em out, bring em out, it’s hard to promulgate anti-gay legislation with a dizzick in your mouth”.

And den what?


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