When hood is good…Keyshia Cole



She may be completely hood and she really showed that she had issues on that reality show and after meeting her crazy ass sister and even crazier mom-dukes, I can see why, but something about Keisha Cole, it’s just feels right to a nilla. key4.jpg

Truth be told, there has never been a time when I didn’t enjoy a solid hood chick, that is, if she didn’t look hood worn. It’s interesting because that hard hood living doesn’t start showing on these chicks until they hit about age 19.. How many times did you see that chick from high school a few years later.. you know, the one who didn’t really do anything after school.. sure she was fine in high school with the ridiculous jeans, wild weave, terrible asymmetrical haircut and ridiculously stank attitude towards everyone EXCEPT that dude who was hittin.. Yeah, she kinda looked like this:


Then you see her a few years later and she looks dis:


Oh hail naaaw. Anyway, we approve of Keyshia Cole and all she’s about, so long as she doesn’t weird or wild out on us. She may be shamelessly channeling Mary, but let’s face it, Mary J never looked like this…

– Lake

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