The south shall rise again….?


Not if Caitlin Upton aka Ms. South Carolina is representative of that state’s best (or even prettiest). Check out how she represented her state in the Miss Teen USA competition when she was asked a question about geography.

Ummm, perhaps if the good people of South Carolina spent more time teaching their children and less time stitching and raising the confederate flag, they’d be better off.

Wow….Maybe we should just invade them…AGAIN…put freedom back on the march and then we all wouldn’t have to put up with stuff like this. Nice work, South Carolina forget the Bible belt, yall need the dictionary belt…geography belt, hell, literacy belt. oh, wait wait wait a second, it seems Caitlin is also a model. No commentary from me about the appearance of this Teen in the USA, but umm, these are interesting..


She is cute, I can’t lie..


I take it back, Caitlin is a great American, I applaud her.



– Lake

8 Responses to “The south shall rise again….?”

  1. A Blonde Moment « Poppypundit Says:

    […] The south shall rise again….? […]

  2. James Says:

    You prick fuck. You are bringing up an old sterotype that simply doesn’t exist anymore except in the minds of people who are not from the South and people who like to take advantage of the idiots in the Old South. I hate what happened in the 60s, but that has nothing to do with today’s society. I actually had a friend in Arizona who said, the real racists are from other places outside of the South because they don’t live with us as much as white people from the South do. So, he says eventhough ya’ll try to act all tolerant of everything and judge whites from the South based on an ancient idealogy of the South, he says you people are way more racists than white people from the South. So, go fuck yourself and remember this if nothing else, the most beautiful women are definitely from here too in America, i.e. Miss South Carolina.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    ?You’re sorry for what happened in the 60’s? Which 60s.. 1660 when you first began killing Native Americans in earnest? 1760, when people continued to raped, murdered and stolen from their homeland and shipped over to the US as slave labor? 1860 when you fought a war to maintain your illegal and immoral institution or 1960 when you lynched, raped, murdered, denied rights and shitted on your fellow Americans under the guise of “state’s rights”.. believe me, if the worst you fuckers have to hear is a diss of your homeland on a blog, then you’ve gotten off easy. I just take heart in the fact that all your ancestors are burning in hell for an eternity for what they did to Native and African Americans.. In short, eat a dick..bitch. Fuck the the South and fuck you and all your backwards ass friends. Ok? Thx.

    Oh and if you forgot, you lost the war.. no hush up before we go down there and straighten out your punk asses….AGAIN.. HAAAAAAA!!! Fuck a southerner.. if you want to help me, come mow my lawn you cretin.

  4. Pluto Says:

    Miss South Carolina is hot as hell…she’s good. The rest of the south, especially all those racists, jesus freaks and inbreed losers can go straight to hell, oh, that’s right, they’re already living in hell. that south! The cities in the South are cool, but that’s b/c they look and act like the North. Look at your news casters, they don’t talk like mule farmer, they can speaka the got damn Inglish.. besides, once all the immigrants come in and do the work, we won’t need you Southerners anymore. You’re just a bunch of fat, lazy, ignorant, losers who don’t realize that ever since the civil war, you’re still our bitch..

    Pluto in NYC.. what? LOL… Yeeeeeeeee Haww

  5. Mr. X Says:

    South Carolina… first to secede, last in education.

  6. Pubic_hair_head Says:

    Based on looks alone she won hands down! Flowing Blonde Hair, Beautiful Blue eyes, Nice soft moist skin, kind of like my boyfriend. I’m a homo from South Carolina, so I don’t like women too much. But I make exceptions for my backwards ass cousins who I regularly have sex with. We will rise again and when we do I’mma get me a double wide, 5 goats and a sling shot. Yeeee haww!

  7. SnowSledder Says:

    Igorance breeds ignorance, and stupidity is just plain inexcusable. Racism is racism, no matter if it’s being perpetrated by blacks or whites. One of you says f*^k Southerners – that’s racist. Someone else says Christians should burn in hell – that’s just plain ignorant. Please, go get yourselves an education and learn some TRUTH. Racism has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with hate in one’s heart. Hey, you with the foul mouth, I’ll bet your mother would wash your mouth out with soap for those comments. And you, yeah you, the one that hates Christians, try reading your Bible before you tell me to f-off. After all, how can you hate something you’ve probably never read!

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Right, you just have it all figured out. I hate Christians, I’ve never read the Bible, HATE whites, even though I’m white and HATE southerners, even though my family are ALL from the South AND I went to college in the south. You’re EXACTLY right.. You read that one “perfect” or is that “perfectly,” you tell me genius. And it’s not hate, it’s disgust, there’s a difference. And speaking of mouths, somebody put something in SnowSledder’s, my zipper’s stuck. Thx.

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