Making the Band 4: Well it’s about damn time!


As we all ready ourselves for the true finale on Sunday night when Diddy finally picks this band, we have a little treat for all you MTB4 fans out there.

Indeed, someone finally got footage of Laurie Ann Gibson from Making the Band 4 in that ridiculous blue leotard, fishnet, high heel combo. She realllllly thought she as bringing it that day. Fine, I was intrigued. I looked…looked hard even. But turned on? Sorry Laurie, that I was not. This outfit should have let us know the end was near. (That and the fact that they teased that damn fight from the first episode and didn’t deliver it until long about week 5.) Anyway, here it is in all its glory. Laurie Ann’s Blue Leotard.

Let me tell yall MTB4 fans out there…that midsection, that underbelly? It’s nooot riiiight. All the ladies out there know to rock something that flatters the shape and everyone is different. Something that looks great on one babe, don’t really look right on the next. She knew this would be on TV. Oh yeah, she waited for it, she wanted it. Just imagine the hours of prep time. The outrageous outfits that were NOT deemed appropriate for public consumption. You know you’re old as hell when you believe that outfit flatters you. “Supa uglay!”

Laurie Ann, you ruined the only thing you had going for you when you publicly dissed Diddy on his show. Sadly, like Mike Vick and his dogs, this foolishness is truly all you’ll be remembered for. Turrible.


One Response to “Making the Band 4: Well it’s about damn time!”

  1. Laurie Ann Gibson Has Lost Her Mind « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Only I don’t think Gary Coleman is trying to be sexy.  She was better off rocking the blue leotard. […]

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