Baby Mama Drama: The curse of Mel B.


We’ve been meaning to get back to this Eddie Murphy thing for a while now. Let me just preface this by saying that Eddie is my favorite comedian of all time. Think about it, he’s hilarious in stand-up, he was absurdly hilarious on Saturday Night Live, he’s put together classic movies, hell, dude can even sing. Bottom line, Eddie Murphy is a once in a lifetime talent. With that said, Ed has had some bumps in the road on the personal life front. We don’t need to get into that too too much here, but the latest issue bears mention.


Oh damn. Now I understand how and why a dude like Eddie gets with Mel B. to begin with. She’s got the accent. She’s got a little swagger with her pop start status, the hair..oh yeah and then there is this:


ohh we. I can’t lie. Her body is on point my friends (and that tail piece is strong in all the right ways)

This was a picture of Mel B. in 2006, looking reaaaally right on that beach. I guess some babes are just blessed, but how could Ed take Mel from there to here?


Arrrgh, listen, I know child birth is a blessing and “the glow” is supposed to be real, but as a dude you can play that cat song “You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful it’s true….” as many times as you want and it still aint gonna make this look right. Especially when you consider what she used to look like. I can’t lie, when I saw these pictures, I just couldn’t believe how Eddie let himself go down this path. Then he tried to deny the kid was his… umm, so tough. No benefit there, especially when Maury hit him with that “Eddie, you ARE the Father!” So tough. But now Mel B. is just acting up.


First she’s parading the seed of Eddie all over town. Taking all kinds of wild pictures. Talking about super rich Ed is a deadbeat. I mean, really giving him the business in order to raise her profile ala Brynn Cameron, Matt Leinart’s Baby Mama.


Then she went off and got married to some Byson Daily looking dude which is completely random and now they’re both making the rounds on the talk shows and celebrity mags. Shameless man… I can’t tell you who is worse, her for pimping out her child at Eddie’s expense or this random dude for being Mrs. Scary Spice B. I mean, who is this cat and why is he posing as if it’s his kid (now I see why Eddie wanted the paternity proved).


I can’t lie though. Mel B has bounced back and in a major way. Look at this pic of ole girl looking almost pre-baby like on the beach.


I don’t know who it is, but her nutritionists and trainers really got their sh*t together. Babe just had a kid and she looks like this? Wow. And with every tabloid shot, every pose with his kid, Eddie is just getting bad chick karma. Ed, you’ve got the kids and all the women you could want…how could you make a mistake like this and not wrap up? Wow. My man Ed…

– Lake

3 Responses to “Baby Mama Drama: The curse of Mel B.”

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  2. dalostprophet Says:

    if you had that spread out in front of you, you probably wouldn’t wrap it up either, let me hit it raw baby!!!!! Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!!!

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