Unranked Notre Dame Irish had busy off-season, according to the COPS!!!


“I smoke, I drank, I’m suppose to stop, but I caint”

These stories are hardly news, even by UvT standards, I’ll admit that. But the hot new freshmen Quarterback from the Notre Dame football team, Jimmy Clausen, the only real blue-chip recruit Charlie Weis has EVER brought into any program got popped by the undercover fuzz for “Illegally transporting alcohol” in June.


Clausen, a 19-year-old, was the driver of a car that received the drank from a 23-year-old purchaser who entered the store and bought two 1.75-liter bottles of Smirnoff vodka, a 200-milliliter bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, as well as a case containing 30 cans of Natural Light beer. Natty Light and Smirnoff, well at least they’re keeping it top shelf and classy. And people wonder why they get blown out in all the tough games, they’re skimping, so what do you expect?!?!


The Large Anchiovy of course, denies that his player did anything wrong (perhaps it was those damn gastric bypass docs at work again). That would interfer with Weis’ ability to start eeeeerrrr cast the young man in a bad light that he doesn’t deserve. Look at what Sir Charles had to say on the issue:

“I think it’s out of ignorance — and by ignorance I mean lack of knowledge,” Weis said. “I don’t think he was defiantly trying to get himself into trouble with the law.”

LOL. First off, Charles, you are delusional and by delusional we mean, ignant, disingenuous and self-serving.


Let’s just assume that ole boy didn’t know the law, so what? In saying that he did this out of a “lack of knowledge” you are intimating that there was no wrong-doing and skating around the obvious fact that ole boy was probably going to suck down a few Natural Lights and shots. I mean, this is college for goodness sake, you think he was “ignorant” of the fact that these hoes out here are easier when they are drunk? Do you honestly believe that Jimmy wasn’t there to get some drinks for his personal use? Please… Next thing you’ll tell me that you guys play one of the toughest schedules..oh wait, you’ve already said that. Say Charles, how do you explain this photo of young Jimmy?


I know, I know, it’s just “ignorance” and of the fact that speedos are gay, with a “lack of knowledge” that he had two more greased up, probably spray-tanned dudes BEHIND him flexing and enjoying their view. I get it completely….kind of reminds me of this not so old picture:


And what about that other Quarterback who got busted with some Chronic in the car he was driving? What about your defensive lineman who got arrested when he was trying to git some head in broad daylight over the summer?

Charles, none of this is all that bad or shocking. Kids do these kinds of thing. The thing nobody can accept is how you continue to act as though you’re Vince Lombardi or something or that you can just step in and tell us a kid wasn’t doing something wrong when he clearly was. I mean, he got popped.. Big deal. Just don’t tell me he wasn’t “defiantly breaking the law”.. Vick wasn’t defiantly breaking those Dogfighting Laws either…what does that matter? In fact, the only cat I can see who defiantly breaks laws is George W. Bush… So unless you hold your players to the ultimate arse hole standard, lay off these kinds of “clarifications”. Thanks.

– Lake

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