Dubyah flunkies: We don’t die, we multiply


We finally learned on Wednesday why Karl Rove retired….Did he suddenly grow a heart and take accountability for his horrible blunderings/strategizing over the lives of Hurricane Katrina victims? Nooo, that’s not it. Was it the realization that he completely F’d up this “little” debacle known as the War in Iraq? Nah, we just need the surge to take root so that freedom can once again go on the march… Oh no, he heard that silly chick Jenna Bush was about to get hitched and just knew it was a sign from above that it was time to hit the damn bricks! Niiiice, what a shocker, somebody is making an honest woman out of drunk girl and bad twin Jenna Bush.


Meet Henry Hagar, the next gravy trainer errrr member of the proud and meritorious Bush dynasty.


Hey, I can’t lie… you gotta get that money mayne. I’m not mad at Hank either. Trips to Kennebunkport, sojourns to the Crawford, Texas “ranch”, limitless undeserved jobs and hookups for him and the rest of his family for life… Sounds like a hot deal to me.

The funny thing about the Bush twins is that it’s hard to tell which one looks better. Do you go with superthick Dubyah Jr. Jr. in Jenna (she looks exactly like the worst prez ever) or do you rest with slim shady, Barbara?


I guess Rule No. 2, “No big girls” dictates I’d have to take Barbara and I guess the fact that she went to Yale helps on some level. So there you have it, Henry Hagar is officially scrapping the bottom on the Bush barrel.

I can’t call it. All I know (and believe me he knows it too) is that Henry is about to get paid.

– Lake

7 Responses to “Dubyah flunkies: We don’t die, we multiply”

  1. Alberto Gonzales hits the bricks… « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] I wonder if Jenna Bush’s business partner errr fiance Henry Hagar is up for Attorney General..  Why not, […]

  2. joe Says:

    Yeah, keep whining about the Bush daughters; I guess your main complaint is they don’t have big enuf booty for you to feed them crack & call them ho’s.

    Go suck back some more C45- u losing your touch, almost writing like a wigger.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Huh? I don’t mind some good racist disses, but that didn’t make any sense. Try again.

  4. Will Says:

    Man i know u heard Jenna got married? Dear God help us before she spawns…

  5. Will Says:

    Yeh Baby ‘Babs’ is working wit a lil sumthin. 😛
    thas all u, Lake.

  6. anita Says:

    boring article.

  7. jack meoff Says:

    and let me guess you enjoy talking shit about whites well you know blacks are more racist than whites I think you could use some Yale also

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