And They Say Dreams Don’t Come True…


So I’m coasting through the news yesterday and this hits the wire, courtesy of the NY Post: Jessica Biel to appear nude in her new movie.  If you aren’t yet familiar with what that young lady is packing, here is some video evidence.

Did you see the way the booty had that extra little bounce in it?  I did.

I guess Powder Blue is about some stripper on Christmas Eve, Forrest Whittaker and Patrick Swayze are also in it…I’m sure redemption is involved at some point…whatever.  They’ve got my $10.50.  Hell, it could be the damn plot of No Holds Barred with Hulk Hogan and Tiny “Zeus” Lister (the worst movie I’ve ever seen) and I’d still go.


Jessica, you know what the people want.  UvT thanks you.  Alba…are you paying attention?

One Response to “And They Say Dreams Don’t Come True…”

  1. Will Says:

    that is insane. str8 PAWG.

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