Timmy “Da Whistle” Donaghy to plead guilty


NBA pariah and ex-referee Tim Donaghy just took his first step toward the witness protection program on Tuesday when he opted to plead guilty to charges that he bet on NBA games he refereed.


UvT inside sources tell us that Mr. Donaghy will surrender himself to Brooklyn Federal Court later today. Supposedly, Mr. Donaghy had a major gambling problem and then was approached by “low-level mob associates”.


What, no Christopher? No Paulie? Maybe Jackie Jr. got his hooks into him.


Then again, since it was in Brooklyn, I guess Phil Leotardo got a shot at him, you know, Phil had to wet his beak. Hilarious stuff. You just know this happens in all kinds of sports with officials. I mean, seriously, unless a cat does this repeatedly, how can they ever get caught?

Anyway, it should be interesting to see if Donaghy turns rat on his old mob friends…stay tuned.

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