Disgrace: Michael Vick’s boys turn on him



Man, look, I don’t know much, but I know loyalty. The news that all of Vick people, co-defendants Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips, and Tony Taylor are going to rat out their boy Michael Vick is disgusting.


It’s got nothing to do with the underlining charge of dogfighting, it’s an issue of basic human values. First off, these are cats in Michael Vick’s inner-circle, dudes who undoubtedly have been riding the Mike Vick gravy train since he broke into the league back in 2001. If you believe the indictment, Vick has been supporting the dog breeding and fighting operation since that time which means not only was he supporting the business, but also these dudes personally.


Add to it that these dudes, meaning all these cats out there who have been riding on the nizzuts of Mike Vick, really enjoying that “Michael Vick Experience”, collectively are the ones who ignantly exposed this entire dog fighting operation and you can see how this whole thing stinks to high hell.


(Rat No. 1 Tony Taylor is said to have some beef with Vick, “It was all good just a week ago.” -Jay-Z”)

As federal offenses go, Dogfighting is a small fish… These guys weren’t going to do major time even if they were found guilty without turning state’s evidence on their boy. So why would you betray your friend, someone who for years has been financing your lifestyle, just so you can get out of doing maybe 6 months of time? I mean, even if you had priors which would compound your time, that means you are a career criminal involved in a criminal enterprise and thus, should be ready to do the bid.


I hope selling out your boy over some bullsh*t, not ever being able to show your face back home and having your name ring out synonymously with the word “RAT” is worth it fellas. And before some clown comes on here trying a equate what I’m writing with some absurd “stop snitching” campaign, save it. These cats are coping a deal because they were involved in a criminal enterprise. They are not innocent citizens caught up in a culture that is distrustful of the police. They are self-interested thugs/rats, trying to jump ship and shat on their boy in the process, if necessary. Even Ronald Mexico doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

Memo to Messrs. Peace, Phillips and Taylor, with friends like you guys, who needs backbiting, dack riding, c*cksuckers who tuck tail and run at the first sign of trouble.

8 Responses to “Disgrace: Michael Vick’s boys turn on him”

  1. ddstro Says:

    I feel you hommie…..striaght punks

  2. down south georgia boy Says:

    people focus on da wrong sh*t these days. da hell wit what vick is supposed to be responsible for, what about the 6 black boys (TheJena 6 )that are facing life for attempted murder because they were fighting a white boy. why isnt anyone focusing all their time and resources on that sh*t. black people no matter if they are celebs or not will always catch the short end of the stick. vick fighting dogs or black people fighting for their lives,what needs the most attention. u tell me

  3. robteasy Says:


    I feel what you are saying. I’ve been thinking about that the whole time. Honestly, I think all of those rats will be “taken out” at some point in time when they get out. Every where they go people will say, “there goes them
    n$&&az that ratted on Vick”. One day they will get caught slipping at a club or something and that will be all she wrote. Vick needs to keep his money and just use that to put a hit on them. I’m sure that if he put a $200,000 bounty on each of their heads (when people would gladly kill them for free) it would probably happen in jail. You should never “bite the hand that feeds you”, believe me, those guys just signed their own death certificate. If you are going to rat you should be facing life or maybe the death penalty because then you might get 10 years and people may forget, but out in 1 year and you only have to do 85% of your time in fed, so out in less than a year? I hope the judge says screw the plea bargain and give them the max.

  4. Marc Says:

    This blog is laughable at best.

    WHO in their right mind would do a NANOSECOND of time for ANYBODY?

    That’s just plain NONESENSE!

    Why are you folks crying and fussing over a DUMMY getting caught doing CRIME?

    On top of that, homeboy straight out LIED to not only the authorities, but his fans and the rest of the public by maintaining his INNOCENSE and begging folks not to rush to judgement until all is brought out to open.

    Basically he’s a effing LIAR.

    What a role model!

    I hope mofos don’t look at him as no damn role-model.

    Seriously…he’s the poster boy for Dumb Dumbs.

  5. UNNCALLED4 Says:

    Folks seemed to have forgotten that when the Johnny Law found out about the dog fighting they were initially investigating a NARCOTICS case at the Vick owned location. They were executing a drug warrant.

    And Marc was right, what kind of imbecile is going to do prison time for someone else.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    He’s not doing time for him, they did the crime themselves. He was supporting them all that time, that’s not worth someone choosing not to rat them out? Come on now… Even the most disloyal person understands that you don’t sh*t on your friend. Especially when your friend has been taking care of your broke ass for the better part of 6 years. No love.

  7. Cadillac Says:

    Personally, I feel that this whole thing is a bunch of Horse Shit. Biting the hand that feeds you is one of the worse things you can do in a sitution like this. Mike looked out for them n*ggas like they was his own. Provided them with shit they’d never have. Shit they lazy asses couldn’t get themselves. I ran the streets, I know the game, and ALL involved should’ve known what was about to happen. Better planning should’ve been done to keep situations like this from happening i.e. (you won’t find the king pen in the crackhouse). Vick was a cool cat, I meet him @ VT a few times. He knew better, but most importantly, his soilders should’ve done the appropriate thing too, and we all know what that is. I just can’t understand how the same bastards that bash Vick do so on their way to hunt deer or rabbit or birds or n*ggas or whatever else they hunt. Whats the difference.

  8. Who fell off more? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] wasn’t wrong, but his boy was being investigated for drugs, which led the cops to his crib.  THEN his boys, people he had been carrying for the better part of 6 years, turned on him. Tough… Mike must be a hard cat to get along with also known as a dick to have those cats do […]

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