Pacman takes to the ring


Adam “Pacman” Jones took to the ring Sunday night after obtaining a settlement from his former team, the Tennessee Titans, to perform at the TNA wrestling event.


(he looks ‘torrible’ by the way)

If you hadn’t heard, Pacman was bared from wrestling at the event by the team via a temporary restraining order. So let me get this straight, Pacman can’t play football or earn a living for a full year and you’re damn near certain to be cutting him after he’s done playing for you, but now you’re making it so that he can’t wrestle either? Is this the NFL or the Stalinist Soviet revolution?


Sure, some would say Pac could be injured, but is there anything in this world safer than wrestling? NFL training camps are like downtown Baghdad compared to pro wrestling. And it’s not like Pacman is some sort of punk, dude plays pro ball and is a known thug… they should be concerned about what damage Pac is gonna do, not the other way around.

Anyway, Pacman’s attorney, who must love him right about now, brokered a deal which allowed Jones to attend, but prevented him from having any actual physical contact. What a joke the NFL is… All these silly rules and garbage ‘crack downs’ and for what?

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