Noelia Update: Stuntin’ like my (step) Daddy!!!?



Yo, this wild Noelia thing took a turn for the bizarre when ole girl accused her step father, Topy Mamery, and allegedly famous mother and certified cougar, Yolandita Monge, of leaking her sex tape!!!! Now that’s crazy! I mean, first off, who among us would watch our daughter taking it up the eeerrrrr having an intimate moment with anyone, much less watch it and then distribute it so that the rest of us can check it out.

“Topy Mamery: Only you, my mother [Yolandita Monge], and God know that I say the truth and justice must be served. To have robbed pieces of my privacy to try and silence and annihilate me, is something despicable and low. I only wish that my mother searches for God.”

I guess it goes without saying that this little family is having some issues of late. All I know is that if her mama(cita) is half the freak Noelia is ole step Daddy is one lucky (and happy) dude. ¡muy caliente!


Yo, a lot of chicks pose for sexy pics. In Noelia’s case, she can back it up (literally) though. I mean, how can anyone interpret a sexy look in her eye the same way after seeing how she was working it in that damn tape. I like how she called her shot by pointing at the porno that was running. It was Babe Ruth-esque. What a woman.

Again, look at our old post to find the link right chere!


I made note of the fact that Noelia’s mother, Yolandita Monge, was a certified cougar and this one reader from Boston emailed me demanding proof. Well here you go, you can see where Noelia gets her talent from and I aint talking about singing.


Nice looking older woman. I’m not mad at her (except the whole distribution of your daughter’s sex tape thing)

“Puerto Rico, hoooooooooooooooooes”. Gotta love it.

One Response to “Noelia Update: Stuntin’ like my (step) Daddy!!!?”

  1. vazquez Says:

    Yes, I have a copy of the dvd.

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