Superhead gets worked! Damn Homey…


Listen, this is something I NEVER do, ie. openly pub another blog.. But this is so ill, so foul, so damn tough, that I just had to give it a shout to our readers. Not sure if any of you go to bossip, though I’m sure some of you do, but I guess they have a “feud” with Superhead, Karrine Steffans, and just hit her with a screen cap of that porno she did with Mr. Marcus back in the day… I’m not even going to post the pic, but let’s just say that when she is all made up looking decent, she looks like this:


And when bossip is diggin in her ass, she looks like diss:

Let me tell you. That pic and those words? I mean, it’s ill. I just found myself starring at the pic in utter disbelief, the words from the post haunting me. If I’m not mistaken, the bossip site is run by some basic chicks. Who knew they could get so raw, so ill, so gangsta. Honestly, that’s a cyber drive-by, kinda reminds me of that Chappelle show episode where Wayne Brady rolls up and just sprays everyone.

“We’re bossip b*tch!!!”

Bottom line, Karrine needs to understand three things that should make her chill the f*ck out and stop talking shat:

1. You really are just a ho, never forget that (and that’s not a diss, I love hoes, truly).

2. You really did do porn with “Mr. Marcus” and because of it your nickname is “SUPERHEAD”, not something you put on that grad school application.

3. You dated and had the child of Cool G Rap, if that doesn’t prove that you’re a scandalous groupie, then what else would?

(Oh yeah, there’s shat like that. I can’t lie though, it’s pretty clear why everyone and their brother has hit this. She does have that ho appeal on lock)

Karrine, listen, no matter how many Larry King interviews you do or how many times you go on Oprah (can ANYONE believe O had this chick on her show? WTF!!!!!!?????) or how many pictures you take with my man Bill Maher, you are what you are baby gurl…


A scandalous groupie hizzo. So work your head game, F*ck your celebs, go to your local clinics, and then write your books so you can get paid, but chill out and stay in your lane.

“I know it’s white, but here comes the hot sauce” – Suck it or Not, Cam’ron feat. Weazy


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