Beanie Sigel: Homo thug revealed?


Cue the instrumental music to Gold Digger by Kanye West:

“Now I aint saying he’s on the ‘Oz tip, but this looks like some gay shit”

Whoa whoa whoa!!!!! Slow down now Beans… Lord have mercy.. I mean, on the real, watching that gave me the exact polar opposite feeling to what I felt when I watched that Noelia tape. Yuck. Seriously, I have pretty much always known that Beanie Sigel was garbage in the rap game, after all, his last album pretty much went triple sandalwood and clearly the only reason why this dude gets ANY run at all is because of his affiliation with Jay-Z/Roc-A-Fella and company. But daaaaamn, I guess I’ve got an official message for “Beanie”, a name which suddenly sounds crazy suspect:


But I’m sure Beanie Sigel already knew that. I mean, this dude has been in and out of jails, detention centers and prisons all his life. Did anybody ever see American Me? ‘Oz? Hell, Shawshank Redemption? If not, go watch those movies, THEN, go back up to that Beanie video and watch it again. His behavior is classic hard-soft, smooth-rough, homo thug shit you see on those recreations of the reality behind bars. Honestly, the almost kisses on the neck, the caressing, hell, even the half rub down mixed with that cutting “oooh”, they aren’t what got to me.. Nah, what really made me uncomfortable was the look in that cat’s eyes… I mean, he was looking at Peedi Crakk (also a horribly unfortunate name right about now) like he was Popeye’s two-piece combo, dark (meat that is) with salty fries and a biscuit with extra honey… arrrgh. This cat even made Popeye’s sound awful, something that’s hard to do.


(what exactly is Cam’ron doing in this picture and who is this pixie he’s posing with?)

Hey, I’ve always said, these cats are musicians/artists, so this is to be expected. Anybody who knows anything about art knows that artistic cats are often gay. It’s just a fact of life. The only difference with these cats is that they can’t just come out and admit it, but plenty of these rappers are gay, they have to be. Beanie Sigel is clearly gay to me, I mean how else do you explain this video? Honestly, if you had to put money down right now as to whether this cat has ever messed with a dude, given all the time he’s done, you wouldn’t say it’s more likely than not that he has? And this is not a diss, because I’m not anti-gay per se… I’m just saying, dude has to be gay, right?!!!

I mean, come on. You don’t do sh+t like that and what disturbs me even more was how Peedi was ok with it!!!! Damn P, get some separation like TO going long…aww, everything sounds gay now. YIKES. And let’s remember, Beanie recently called out Kanye West and Pharrell for being gay and asked them to “come out the closet”. I guess it was wishful thinking so maybe he could get in there with “Ye”.


Terrible.. I mean look into this cat’s eyes.. It’s like he’s looking at me. I can’t lie, nothing in this world is scarier to me than a homo thug and this dude is the epitome of one.. Congrats Beans, you now have ultimate street cred….I guess.

“I rock hoes, yall Roc fellas” –Ether, Nas

– Anonymous (please, Beanie, Crakk and all yall suspect dudes, leave me be, I saw 8MM, that Max California caught a bad one from Machine and Dino Velvet.. Yall freaky cats stay away!!!!!!)

5 Responses to “Beanie Sigel: Homo thug revealed?”

  1. toya jo Says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!@this. i seen the video of kanye mad at what beanie said, and while looking at that video, i found this video, and looking at the comments of this video, i found your blog. beanie got some nerve! it kills me how the hardest acting dudes be the ones showing “that kind of behavior”. they’re the most homophobic ones, so they try to act all hard. it’s stupid, how in the world he’s going to say someone’s gay based on how they dress? “that ain’t cool man”. and maybe he’s not gay, and is just high out of his mind, which is what it looks like on the video, but still, like someone else commented on that video, “you’d never seen kanye or pharrell be caught on some video like this”.

  2. settyok Says:

    lolololololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll wow cant believe but actually i can now damn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. blogmama Says:

    OMG! This shit is crazy….My husband calls it “livin’ wit the cat”…..and that he is! Damn Beans, you should not make eye contact with ANYBODY (its in your eyes man. I dont mind gay people, as a matter of fact I think they are generally fun to be around but, that closet shit is what make you look devient.

  4. the miracle Says:

    beans ain’t homo…looks like dude has been smokin for 40 days and 40 nights, tho lol

  5. 8bloc Says:

    Wow. I can believe it though! But I can’t believe he did that in video if he didn’t want the world to know. He is NOT in the closet. He ACTED gay. He licked the dudes shoulder or somethin’….LOLOL..

    I think Beanie has a good rhyme scheme goin for him. He’s not wack but he isn’t the best or on the road to being the best. He IS a good emcee. But that IS all besided the point.

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