Britney Spears: Am I off?


Now last week people magazine had a cover story on the fall of Britney Spears. On the fact that she is a bad mother. Hey, all of that might be true, but here is what they used as evidence:



Now I don’t know what you been told, but over here at UvT, this means Britney is on the comeback. Stomach tight, thighs working, stripper dance moves, booty clutched up. Sounds like a laundry list for Britney to start making money again any day now. Come on people, you know Britney can’t be stopped. Saying this is bad is like saying Rampage Jackson is slipping because he is seen somewhere whooping ass. This is what she does. Throw her over a new wave Timbaland beat and she’s good.

Okay, she needs to tighten up that baldyweave. She looks like a twelve year old on vacation in Jamaica. Other than that, she’s straight though.



LOL —- Yooo! Brock, good eye on those clinched up cheeks. I agree, that’s a good sign to any man. But that midsection, again, “one was naaaah, the other (the cheeks) was Illmatic”… the middy could use some work. I don’t get this chick. One day she’s super tight in the bikini showing the goods, the next she looks like she’s got K-Fed’s third evil seed up in her just germinating. And that weave piece looks like an off the rack errrr the wall special from your local “D muthaf*cka D, learn to speak English first alright D” spot.

– Lizzy in the Rizzy

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