Big Brother 8: Appreciation for thick Jameka


Ummm, not sure if anyone noticed, but Jameka from Big Brother 8 is thick as all hell and just keeps getting better looking to me with each show.

I can’t tell if I’m just tricking myself, though. No question, the presence of that extra thick tail-piece (though I’d like a verifying pic with a better angle) and those serious breast-ta-sis are definitely on point, but the face is what keeps going in and out on me like “the New AT&T”.


Sometimes she looks ok, but other times she looks great.. Now, I have no verifying pictures of her arse, but I watch the show faithfully and believe you me, it’s all there. It’s crazy that she’s also like some kind of religious freak, wildly praying and such, but she’s doing it with half her arse coming out of some shawt shawts or some wild skirt and ALWAYS with the chest piece hanging free. Then again, I guess that’s how it was intended (by Lake at least)

I guess she was right when she said “God is so gangsta” otherwise, why would he allow her titties to be splashed all over the tv while “His” message is being told (along with that wild gospel music they use to clown her).

Jameka may be crazy, but I do enjoy the show, in part, because of her. Clearly I could do without the over the top Jesus freakery, but what can you do?

Evel Dick is a terrible cat, but good for the show. I just wish someone in that house had a pair of nuts, I’d be damned if that clown talked to me all wild as he often does. Decent show, but we need Dr. Will and Mike Boogie back in the mix, truth be told.


– Lake

One Response to “Big Brother 8: Appreciation for thick Jameka”

  1. enzo Says:

    wow thats what ghetto booty is all about…… keep it up baby but remember you kill me as days goes

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