Baby mama drama: Tom Brady headed that way?


Young Tom Brady, don’t think we forgot about ya. You know your day is coming. Indeed, your ex-lady, Bridget Moynahan is finally back in public juuuust in time to give you a little negative press before the season opener.  What a coincidence.


Daaayum Tom, you really put it on her. Looks like she’s got Warren Sapp up in there or something. Now I see why you got those three Superbowl rings — you clearly have a commitment to excellence in all that you do. Now that’s a baby bump! It just aint fair man. You’ve got ole Bridge sitting up there housing this monster child, meanwhile, you’re laid up in something as fine as Gisele, looking smoothed out and extra chill and loving your life.


Damn, she’s fine.


Tom, you really are a smooth mufucka, I can’t lie! Now that you’ve got the kid, marriage makes no sense though, so don’t do it. Whatever you do, don’t let Bridge (who must hate you because she already claimed you dumped her once you found out about the baby) diss you in the press like Brynn Cameron did Matt Leinart. That was ugly. Get in front of the story son. I certainly don’t want to have to continue to call you out on this blog…but I will if you can’t manage your ex and this baby situation like you manage that game clock.

Go Bills.

7 Responses to “Baby mama drama: Tom Brady headed that way?”

  1. Matias Says:

    The attitude faith Tom Brady like is influenced by the devil since it knows and it leaves with Gisele is behaves like true damn cabron

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Who’s on second?

  3. caren Says:

    What is Bridget supposed to do? Hide nine month in a house in order not to get photographed? Just like Tom did? Did Tommyboy hide his new squeeze when his ex announced his pregnancy?

    Tom Brady made a good job of making a doofus of himself. He did practically everything wrong: not making a proper statement of his impending fatherhood but making it sound as if he was a bad-mannered child, not flying under radar with Gisele, setting of bad rumours about Bridget and acting as if he was not responsible for that pregnancy at all. Well, earth to moon: Brady had sex with moynahan who got pregnant = Brady is responsible and will be a father. And that new squeeze of Brady’s: uttering thinly veiled threads via the press against a pregnant woman. now that is classy. You worry about Tom’s off-field life? Well, worry about his supermodel and her behaviour. Imagine Tom did not spend enough time with her (in her opinion) or imagine there was trouble in that relationship. Do you really think Gisele would not hit back but keep silent? *lol* That new girl of his does know how to play ball games to start worrying.

  4. Tom Fan Says:

    Caren, I agree. All these money grubbing, groupie chicks are the same. Gizzy is no better than Brdige. They all want their money, but they should have just kept their legs closed, now Tom has to worry about this alien poppin out of her stomach. It’s not fair. Where was Bridge’s birth control? Where’s the responsibility on this broad? Tom has a career and is at the top of his game, Bridge’s high point was I Robot, a horrible movie where she flirted with Will Smith… Having Tom’s seed, if it is in fact his, will be the best thing that ever happened to her. Tom should try to get custody, no gold diggers should get the privilege of spending up a man’s money!

    Go Tar Heels!!!!

    Gerald Henderson is a sucka!

  5. AARIN Says:


  6. mary beth Says:

    Hey Tom i just want to say that that caren girl is really mean she doesn’t know the whole story and no one does except you and that bridget and its not fair for your son who is most likely really cute just like his father to have to live with this when he is older. But what do i know i’m only 14 right but i now to trust people and especally people who i like and i like you. So this chick shouldn’t be saying stuff because lyers go to u know where. She shouldn’t be saying stuff and trying to mess you up. I know your only 30 and you have a career and you probably didn’t expect to be a father yet and does she expect you to be perfect or something because no one’s perfect. That’s all i wanted to say you did awesome today and i can’t wait to see you next weekend against ely manning wonder whos gonna win lol i know you will just remember you have a son and you should pertect him no matter what because he is your son. Well i have to go watch the Vickings game now (my home state) with my rents. I will love you no matter what but not if you abuse animals like that other dude. Love you much:) Mary

  7. mary beth Says:

    opps i didn’t read the whole thing i get it yeah i agree to. Srry

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