PR pop singer Noelia’s sex tape….wow


Look, if anyone knows me, they know I hate sex tapes. I think the are vile and distasteful. I’d never promote it, I’d never watch it. I…did……them..tapes..


(maybe one day, for journalistic purposes, I’ll watch this one)

Especially NOT the Kim Kardashian tape… Why would I watch that? She’s only the hotest and thickest white babe out right now, so who cares right? I have no interest. I’d never watched that R Kelly tape, no check that since it was tapes plural (in many ways I truly hope, for the sake of all of our souls that she was NOT 14, yikes). Not the Paris tape… Not any of those super hot Pam Anderson tapes…none of it.


(here ole girl is crying on the spanish talk show. Am I to believe that after all we’ve seen these tapes have done for women’s careers that she isn’t happy it was released? Not sure about this one)

With that said, yall should just be made aware of fact that there is a really wild sex tape out there right now. Of course I haven’t seen it or anything, but let’s just say I heard that the babe in it, Noelia, a previously unknown Puerto Rican pop singer (pictured above), is REALLY getting after it in the tape. I mean, reeeeally showing some things to the people. Wow. Again, not that I know, but there is supposedly a site, that will link you to another site, where you can see it.


Clearly not safe for work, so save that link for later errrr beware that you don’t accidentally click on that joint umm prematurely. Let’s just say I heard that ole girl is both familiar with and comfortable/skilled at using her anatomy. WOW. Here’s that link.

And just so you know, there was some discussion that it wasn’t her, but the tattoo doesn’t lie.


This babe is no joke if you haven’t gotten the picture yet. Again, wow.


3 Responses to “PR pop singer Noelia’s sex tape….wow”

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