More trouble for Vick



It’s bad enough that Mike Vick has the feds on his ass for being a dog fighting kingpin. That he can’t play “the game he loves” thanks for that quote Brady, or that he’s still waiting on modern medicine to get him off his permanent/irreversible Ron Mexico status.. Tough.. Now, the famous line that came out of Friday when Craig was told to go get a job has actually come to life. If you recall, Craig didn’t want to work with his pops as a Dog Catcher. This was pops response:

“Soon enough, you won’t have to worry about catching a dog….you’ll have to worry about a dog… catchin’ yo’ ass!!!”

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Well, that’s what Mike is dealing with now since some evil genius (can’t believe I didn’t think of this) just came out with the Mike Vick dog chew toy.


Haaa Man, I’m not sure Mike is getting the fairest of shakes, but dude, this sh*t is just funny. Poor Mike, he’s literally gonna have dogs on his ass all year long.


This just in, they’ve even got a bootleg Mike Dog chew toy.. HAAAA


Haaa, this is terrible. Looks like a bootleg Blair Underwood holding an over sized lemon. I also like how cats can create a toy that’s just a black dude, holding a football, looking NOTHING like the actual cat with some bullshit uniform and a number 7 on his chest piece and make money off it. Sheeyut, this cat looks like every third brother you see. Not sure you’ll find too many black folks feeding their dog this Brock Hardon eeeerrr every black man look-a-like toy anytime soon.

I can see it now, “hey Curtis, why is Fluffy eating the ass off your cousin DeRon?” Then he’ll reply, “Nah, dog, that’s Mike Vick, see, it’s funny”.

…naaaah, these cats gotta do better than this, they’re worse than the cops (medium build, short crop hair).


Now Lake, you know that doesn’t look like me.  That cat does look like he has been smoking that dark particulate with those extra dark lips.  Plus, you know I stay in the luxury Ferragamo loafers, not those corrective boots.  Ha!


3 Responses to “More trouble for Vick”

  1. Rosy Says:

    Call Jesse! Call Al! Now this is some racist bootleg *ish. I need a march on the Washington Mall against that Joe Black man chew toy. I know one of them needs a bandwagon to jump on next.

  2. Kevin Says:

    This website turned out to be a huge scam. I bought one way back on August 7th and still haven’t gotten it. From what I’ve read on, it looks like these crooks made away with millions pretending to prevent animal abuse. Disgusting.

  3. Kevin Says:

    The above link doesn’t work because of the comma…


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