The Fat Man Hedges His Bets


You all know that Brady Quinn is one of our…errrrr…favorites here at Us Versus Them. Even as he tries to finish negotiating his contract with incentives like “consumes the most Gatorade”, and “most consecutive days with double knots in the cleats” as opposed to the incentives preferred by the Browns, such as “winning 10 games in a single season” and “throwing over 1800 yards”, we must turn back to his alma mater and his old coach, the big fella, Charlie Weis.


(By the way Charlie, how did you decide to go around the middle as opposed to over the top of the stomach or underneath?)

So Charlie is making a big deal out of the fact that he won’t say that he is rebuilding. Which is of course code for “we’re rebuilding”. Which is crazy because they weren’t all that great last year. Uhhhh, big fella, your team finished 10-3, the only top 25 team you beat was a Penn State team that was riding a good ranking because of how well they played in the previous season, you got STOMPED by LSU in the sugar bowl 41-14, and finished the season ranked #19 after being overrated at #2 at the beginning of the season. What the F*ck are you rebuilding from? It is going to be worse than that in South Bend this season? You play DUKE this season! That should be a win, right? Wait a minute, you scheduled DUKE in the next to last game of the season? What is that going to do to your RPI? Good thing they gave you that 10 year contract on the strength of your first 7 games back in 2005 Chuck.


Get your bed rest…good luck, rebuilding….we’ll be watching.


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