R. Kelly trial date set


Boy oh boy, after 5 long years the R. Kelly child molestation and pornography case is finally going to happen. The trial date is set for September 17, 2007.


Supposedly, aRa is going to use the “Waddent Me” defense by asserting the claim that he wasn’t the cat in the tape with that young girl. Of course, anyone who knows R knows he loves the young girls (see Aaliyah) generally and CLEARLY it’s him in that tape. We’ll see how it goes. R best go get fitted for some more masks, find some more closets to get “trapped in” and make some more piss on you tapes errrr heaven I need a hug feel good/gospel records.


Oh well, I’m sure everything will work out for Robert as his bishop or whoever that cat was in that tv interview, “God got his back”.

“Jigga, Kelly Not Guil-ty”

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