Another NBA Rapper, why gus?


Ok, this is getting ridiculous.


These cats have all the money and everything you could want, so why oh why is yet another NBA cat trying to rap? The latest, Troy Hudson, whose debut album, “Undrafted” (should have been called “Unpurchased”) went double cedar in its first week on the charts selling a whooping 78 units. LOL.. Troy raps under the pseudonym “T-Hud” and when axed why he thought he’d be successful as a rap artist, dis is what homie said:

“I am in the streets in every city and hood promoting my album.”

Come on Troy!!! You’ve got crazy game and yes, you did go “undrafted” in basketball, but the rap game is a bit different dude. Troy, understand this, cats start to rap so that they can begin “ballin” as in having fun as if they were getting paid LIKE A BASKETBALL PLAYER. You ARE A BASKETBALL PLAYER, this nonsense is beneath you and clearly you suck at it.


And please, don’t hit us with this “in every hood” rhetoric.  If you’re truly in every hood, then there’s a problem. You’re a multi-million dollar professional athlete (or at least you used to be). The only cats who actually stay in ‘the hood’ are cats who can’t get out or cats who are desperate for some street credibility. You pick.

50 Cent, The Game, Fat Joe, they have to play that silly game because their paper depends on it. You don’t. Embrace your success and ride off into the sunset homey. Nobody wants to hear you rap! I mean, this is a joke, first Tony Parker, now you. And if what’s happened to you as of July 31, the day the Timberwolves bought out your contract making you a free agent, is any indication of the type of karma rapping ballers have, “Tony P” is headed for a bad one.


I can just see it now, Kevin Garnett is probably driving down I-90 en route to Boston with a “T Hud” CD in his dash and 77 copies of “Undrafted” in his trunk. KG is truly a good guy.

2 Responses to “Another NBA Rapper, why gus?”

  1. marquis Says:

    The best possible chance for a pro athlete to be successful in the rap game is to come off like Common or Lupe. If they rap about the hood, no one is gonna believe it. They’re rich. I can’t believe he sold less than Ron Artest. I didn’t think anyone was going to break that record.

  2. Mark Says:

    this is a good album

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