Strahan getting played…AGAIN!?


Big ole Michael Strahan!!!! Isn’t it hilarious that ole Mike Stray is complaining about the Giant’s unwillingness to renegotiate his deal? He’s even threatened to retire now that he’s going into his sixth day of a holdout. But I mean, what does this dude expect? He’s got antlers for teeth, homey is old, was hurt all last year, and besides all that, he’s got horrible chick karma!


(I guess the devil wears Burberry, Lake used to, too, until yall played it out)

Yeah, I mean how are the Giants supposed to respect Michael’s negotiation skills when he got murdered by his ex-wife Jean Strahan in the divorce proceedings. Peep what she got in the deal.


Daaaayum, add to that ole girl held a yard sale, yes, a yard sale and sold off Mike’s shit in front of his mansion and you can see why the Giants would choose to hold out on this fool rather than give him what he wants.


Oh yes, it’s a loooong way from this happy picture. Add to that that ole girl claimed Mike was gay and it’s just crazy how ugly this babe got over on Mike. Maybe Mike should have gone with a Badu look-a-like rather than Buffie, the brother slayer… Damn. Even Matt Leinart didn’t go out like this much of a sucker

Mike, let’s stop the frontin’ and get into training camp. First off, everyone knows you need all the money you can get now that your wife blazed you for your loot cakes and is sticking you for child support at that. You can’t retire homey. You know it and the Giants know it. See ya in training camp, bluff called.

4 Responses to “Strahan getting played…AGAIN!?”

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