Thug U: Ex Terps Hoops Star cops to gun violations..AGAIN!


Further evidence of (1) why so many people (Maryland fans included, see believe that Gary Williams sucks as a legitimate elite college basketball coach, and (2) why the University of Muuurland is literally the worst and most embarrassing member of the ACC family.


Forrmer Maryland basketball star Lonny Baxter pleaded guilty (last) Thursday to illegally shipping guns through Federal Express, his second guilty plea in less than a year for gun-related offenses.


The 28-year-old Baxter could receive up to seven months in prison under a sentencing recommendation agreed to by his lawyer and federal prosecutors. Baxter, who is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 31, also is barred from owning firearms in the future. Damn, don’t you hate when that happens?


Last August, Baxter was arrested by the Secret Service for firing off a Glock handgun in the air near the White House (happened to me last week, sometimes you just gotta let one loose, especially right in front of the White House..WTF?!).


(I wonder if Lonny is strapped in this picture? And that black on black, awful)

He pleaded guilty to gun charges and was sentenced to two months in prison. Boy oh boy. We’ll see what ole Lonny gets this time. It’s funny, these cats being thugs was cool when they were winning, but suddenly, nobody is laughing (except me).


Look Terps fans, it’s gonna be a LOOOOOOOOONG year and mark my words, you will NOT make the NCAA Tournament this year. You struggled last year with a core of seniors in house. Sorry, Gary is gonna just have learn to recruit.. and no, these hoes with the exposed clevage and an affinity for your chicken wangs aint gonna cut it. Have you seen that recruiting class for 2007? Simon Cowell said it best, ‘ghastly’. 2008 looks no better as you’ve landed exactly ZERO of your targets. Let’s face it, the emergence of Georgetown is killing you right now. That Gary extension aint looking so hot fellas. Neither is that Lefty Driesell Jr. Jr. assistant you got ‘for recruiting purposes’. NEXT.

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26 Responses to “Thug U: Ex Terps Hoops Star cops to gun violations..AGAIN!”

  1. Brock Hardon Says:

    That hot wing Gary is gripping in the picture is great. He looks like he wasn’t done with it either.

  2. Zeros in a Half Shell: Maryland Basketball disgrace « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Murrland, you haven’t been a serious contender for the National Title since Juan and Machine Gun Lonny left. You’ve had more players arrested and suspended in the past four years than you’ve had […]

  3. cjterps02 Says:

    Ah you’re just jealous ’cause we bitch-slapped you twice last year.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Why would Duke ever be jealous of Murrland for any reason? Yall beat Duke twice in one year and it’s celebration time. We beat you twice in a year, scratch our nuts, holler at chicks and keep getting our money. Come on now. I just fired a Maryland grad last week for cause. Yall are a joke!

    Quick question, when will Gary get a top 25 recruit again?

  5. cjterps02 Says:

    C’mon man, Gary doesn’t recruit, it interferes with his drinking. Seriously, has he ever had a top 25? Betcha he gets one before you actually win a football game.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    One thing is for sure. If you’re really a Murland grad, he certainly won’t get one before you polish up those toilet bowls on your B shift tomorrow… right? LOL. Nice OT win over Northeastern.. please.

  7. Terpgrad! Says:

    Shut up Duke is a wanna be ivy league school, and if you argue overall athletic ability in all d one programs we spank you. And by the way I hope you guys enjoy your one year and done recruits, and when you get a football team that can win a game call me. And I have fired 3 duke grads in the last 2 years with my company. I hope to see you at your lax teams stripper party this year I think maybe me and you can human H one of those prostitutes what u think!

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Haa, Hilarious! Are you enjoying Maryland’s start this year? Did you enjoy that loss to powerhouse OHIO last night? Not Ohio State, OHIO U. LOL. How do you think they’ll do against American, Savanna State, The Upper Marlboro Boys and Girls Club All Stars and whoever else you have on that schedule. Maybe Gary needs some more chicken wings, skanks and Juco thugs to make things run more smoothly.. Ha.

    Incidentally, I saw that there was a burned up car right around the time of this post early this morning, I take it that was you celebrating your post on this site/Loss to Ohio U. LOL. Thanks for reading.

    We remain,


  9. its hot in here Says:

    Relax…Gary is doing the best with what he has to work with…frosh! Wait until the 6′ 11′ kid that reneged Va Tech steps in, and they get a little seasoning. Duke really is a gay place its kinda like Landon Jr College.

  10. Lake Arlington Says:

    Nah, you can wait, I’ve got a squad already. Some no name 6′, 11″ dude who was going to Tech? Sounds like a perfect Gary kind of player, namely, someone nobody knows or cares about. Enjoy waiting for you talent to “gel” I see nobody in your line-up or recruiting charts that I’d take over any scholarship player at Duke. And I’m not being a homer or sentimental, I’m talking skill wise. You literally have nothing. Vasquez is ok, but he’s not hot. That PG, Hayes, or whatever is a bullshit version of Steve Blake… Gist is serviceable, but he’s a damn senior. Your squad right now sucks. Your recruits suck. The best you can hope for is to be some spoiler for a team that just happens to be sleeping. Good luck with that.

    Juco my friend, go the way of the thug, that’s who you are.

  11. Terpgrad! Says:

    I like how you avoid all of my comments, and run behind the only thing you got basketball. Congrats on having a tourney team but thats all they are at least when my team is losing to VCU I can watch my football team compete for a bowl title. BTW Maryland is mostly jewish white people. Take a fucking trip dumb ass!

  12. Lake Arlington Says:

    The only thing I’ve got is basketball? Forget basketball, I’ve got a Duke degree, which means I’m winning in the game of life. You can have football or the few spreadsheet monkeys you claim to have laid off. Your team (and really your school in general) isn’t relevant nationally, so who cares if you manage to beat FSU, Miami or Va Tech this year or that.

    In my eyes, your school is known for Juco transfers (I’m talking about the actual student body now) and riots. Please. You should be honored that I even take time out to mention your school in any context.

  13. Terpgrad! Says:

    I am not going to argue that your school has a bad reputation nationally because It does not, it is a great school and most people here at MD would agree. However to say maryland is a junior college transfer school is bullshit. The incoming freshman class of 2007 had a average GPA of 3.8, That does not sound like community college to me. And if it does not have a good reputation nationally how come I was given a job right out of school with a top 4 ranked accounting firm, and I was recruited by them on campus. In addition all of my friends are employed and making over the national college grad yearly income, not to mention one of them is a duke prof of economics. but I am sure his MD graduate education sucks right. Seems your the boys over at your alma matter thought it good enough to teach the likes of you. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to educational worth here at Maryland, have your ever taken a class here, i would bet to say no. Yes you have a great school academically, and yes you have a great basketball program but I do not know how much better you are than everyone else, because some were down the road of your life you were taught if I think I am better than everyone else then I should piss on them. Im glad I did not try to even go to duke if what I would be doing in my post graduate career is writing about how much better I am then someone else in some blog. And if were so lucky to be even talked about by you then why did you spend all this time writing this column. You have a complex with yourself it seems and Im surprised you even had the time to look away from the mirror or stop dusting off your duke degree to mention the lows of Maryland. A school that has beaten you in basketball, football, lacrosse, and OMG Marylands business and journalism school is ranked higher than DUKES! But hold on all that means nothing, Maryland is a subpar institution according to the only opinion that matters and one that translates across the entire nation one duke grad, hope you find your stride later in life and get your head out of your ass. PS: please respond if you have the time, I know how busy you Duke grads are.

  14. Lake Arlington Says:

    You sound ridiculous. Duke doesn’t even have a journalism school and your B school IS NOT ranked higher than Fuqua. Did you enjoy that loss to American? Did you see how you guys just landed another Juco transfer, just like I said you should? The subject of Academics at Duke vs. Maryland is worthless. You and I both know that, so I’m going to stop talking about it. I told you before, the two are just on completely different levels. So one of you boys works at Duke, great…

    You anecdotal evidence that Duke will accept one of your grads for employment does nothing to invalidate my basic premise, A. Duke University is in a completely different class than Murland at College Park academically, B. The Duke Basketball is patently better than MDs program… Now, I think your students’ behavior during and after games is an embarrassment to the ACC as well, but that’s not the crux of my argument. What about the fact that your team has a 0% graduation rate? How do you feel about that? Your squad is a debacle and it’s your coaches fault..

    Like I said, the fact that I even talk about MD hoops is something you should be proud of…. You aren’t really all that relevant.

  15. Mike Says:

    I’ve been a collegiate sports fan since I attended Maryland in the early seventies. I can only name two Duke graduates. One was a Maryland prep BB player who played at Duke and the other is Richard M. Nixon, the only president to resign in disgrace in over two hundred years.

    Now, if I were like Lake Arlington, I suppose that would mean that all Duke graduates were cut from the same bolt of cloth to me. I should, like Lake, adjudge all Duke alumni as denizens of Watergate, each with their own enemies list, etc.

    Instead I choose to judge Duke, the school, its students and alumni each on their own individual merits and to give the school credit for its role in making its graduates what they became. I do the same for the school, students and graduates from Univ of MD. I confess to not knowing very much about Duke, but my counterpart, Lake Arlington, knows absolutely nothing about the University of Maryland, and apparently about sportsmanship either.

  16. Lake Arlington Says:

    Nixon is a disgrace. He’s a Duke Law grad actually. I’m not sure what that has to do with Gary Williams’ 0% graduation rate, rioting by your student body or gun charges by your players. You’re right, I know very little about Maryland the school. And you know what, I don’t want to know. Maybe if your students didn’t act like thugs they wouldn’t be called thugs. Perhaps if your coach graduated a single player, I wouldn’t say he cared nothing about academics. Maybe if all your players of note didn’t come from JUCOs, I wouldn’t type it on my blog. No, I don’t know much about UMd at College Park, but you need to look in the mirror and learn a little bit about yourselves and while you’re doing it, know that you’re losing to teams that have been put on your schedule to pad your win totals.

    Denizens of Watergate? I’m sure you were smiling when you wrote that one. At least we’re at Watergate..You MD grads are delivering the chlorine at the Water Park. Please…

  17. Ron Paul Says:

    You Maryland fans are such losers. I don’t even like Duke and even I know your program is completely out of control. Didn’t the state Legislature have to take up the issue of obscenity at Maryland home basketball games in your arena? Your students throw things at opposing fans, you damage property, and are overall just classless. Ask anyone who has set foot into Comcast during a competitive contest. It’s not passion, it’s low class. You coach cares nothing about graduating his players and thus, none graduate. Instead of shooting the messenger, why don’t you look at your program and coach first. This Lake is a smug prick, but let’s face it, he’s right about UMd. Sorry.

  18. Terpgrad! Says:

    Well were killing teams now and I cant wait to see your smug ass in comcast center! O by the way no one has ever thrown anything at a player as long as I have been going to the games. And if my last column was not relevant then why did you bring up the issues of academics in the first place, maybe you should grab a class here at MD and learn how to organize your thoughts. And your b school is ranked 30th in the nation while ours is 18th overall just given you something to chew on before you open your dumb mouth again.

  19. Lake Arlington Says:

    1. Look at the teams you are playing, Delaware, Savannah State, Charlotte and Holy Cross… veeery impressive.

    2. AND FINALLY, the most respected rankings of colleges, universities and yes, graduate schools come from USNews and World Reports. In the most recent ranking, Duke is rated the 12th best Business School in America. Surprisingly, Maryland was 25th, quite frankly, I didn’t even know you had a business school so that was shocking. At any rate, last I checked, 25 aint better than 12. ACCEPT IT. You are an idiot and I won’t suffer you any longer. Enjoy your garbage season and let me know when the next riot sparks off. Enjoy. I’ve inserted the link to that page for you perusal and please, don’t hit me with some random ranking that has MD on top of Duke for “international business” or something random like that… Maryland is NOT a better business school than Duke. Please stop this madness.

  20. TERPGRAD Says:

    Maryland sucks and they have no chance of beating any good teams nor will they make tourney! HA HA HA HA I love being a terp grad bring your sorry ass team to comcast center lets go PUKE bring it on baby!

  21. Lake Arlington Says:

    hey, I will admit that you guys had a good win over UNC. See, I said something nice about the U of MD… it’s not all thuggery, rioting and general mayhem. Take a bow…

  22. Lake Arlington Says:

    Terp grads, with their top rated b school (LOL) are awfully quiet a day after getting the business from DeMarcus Nelson. Am I shocked that you have nothing to say? No. Had the terps won would you be running your mouths? Sure. Recruiting fellas… embrace it, because I don’t see anything in your line up past Vasquez that makes me think you won’t be significantly worse next year.

  23. TERPGRAD Says:

    Congrats on your win, your team is better then I thought. You have earned my respect for this year and i believe duke is one of the best teams in the country. However I really do not think there is a team in the ACC we cant beat on any given day. So I guess we will see you at Cameron!

  24. Lake Arlington Says:

    Yeah, peep the post I did on the game. We finally agree on this thing. Now gets some recruits in my man. PS. In all seriousness, what’s up with Braxton Dupree? Why doesn’t he play?

  25. Lt snapper Says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that it is time for a changing of the guard at Maryland. However, I will mention that Duke is remarkably fortunate that so many gay Americans are stellar basketball players. Is there any question why Dawkins won’t leave? Because Coach K can feed it like nobody in the business. He got his start tea bagging Bobby Knight and he’s carried it right through to Greg Ballus err… Paulus. I don’t care how many games you win, you’re still a bunch of sodomites. Then again, I’ve seen your girls and I would probably turn fag too if I lived at Duke.

  26. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha, I love it… when you can’t win basketball games and all the riot fires have burned out, go straight for the “you’re a bunch of fags” jab. Hey, I hear you. There’s a reason why you’ve got certain people out there throwing rocks at armed tanks. Just understand that you’re that guy picking up a rock.. ha Enjoy that first round NIT loss….Will Osby and/or Gist graduate, that is the question…

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