The Michael Vick Experience: Not Guilty?


Ronald Michael Mexico Vick pleaded “Not Guilty” today in Richmond, VA when faced with formal Federal Competitive Dog fighting allegations.


Mike was all bitniz with his dark suit and even steven haircut. I guess those cornrows gave off that “yes I smoke the sweet grass, fight my dogs, and bang out unsuspecting babes with regularity” feel he wasn’t looking for. Damn Mike, we hope you are exonerated, but homey, I can’t lie. It’s not looking good. Jigga, Mikey not guil-ty? We shall see. Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “The Michael Vick Experience: Not Guilty?”

  1. The Sanity Inspector Says:

    If the NFL is going to follow the NBA into Da Thugg Life, I’m not following.

  2. eric Says:


    I also wrote a column today about the Michael Vick situation. I am NFL obsessed, hence the column.

    If you like the column, let me know if you are up to a link exchange, since I get some pretty decent traffic.

    Also, I am competing at the bloggers choice awards, although not in the sports category.


  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Sanity Inspector, I hear you, but the bottom line is that NFL product on the field is great. Actually, I enjoy the NBA too. I’m not trying to be thugged out, but at the same time, if the games are entertaining, I’m there.

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