Charlie Weis, the Large Anchovy, Loses….AGAIN



The self-styled offensive genius and “award winning” author, Charlie Weis, Head Coach at Notre Dame, lost his battle to sue his doctor for malpractice associated with gastric bypass surgery he had in 2002.


After hearing of the jury decision which exonerated both of Charlie’s doctors, Coach Weis said:

“Well, I think our legal team was great. I think we were the better team out there, in fact, I believe Brady Quinn errrr my attorney, Mitch Burger, should do great at the next level. I think you’re looking at a Supreme Court Justice”

Of course that’s what Charlie thinks. Everything he does, in his mind, is first rate. This is a man, after all, who thought he should right a book after ONE SEASON of being a head coach, using his predecessor’s players to navigate a soft schedule. This is a dude who has NEVER WON A BIG GAME in his entire time at Notre Dame running that ship.


He’s not the Big Tuna. He’s no Bill Belicheck, hell, he’s no Romeo Cronell. He’s a snake oil salesman who loses big games with regularity and who outsmarts no one, except, the University of Notre Dame of course who got jammed up with that 10 year extension without seeing one recruiting class or the Big Anchovy’s performance in one big game. Genius.

– Lake

5 Responses to “Charlie Weis, the Large Anchovy, Loses….AGAIN”

  1. Mike Says:

    so i guess you’re just a typical notre dame hater like everyone else right? because charlie weis is fat or because they’re just notre dame or some other lame ass excuse to hate them? i know this is just a blog spot, but if i ran one of these things, i’d try to keep it as professional as possible (i.e. perhaps work on your WRITING and spelling). if its satire, there’s nothing wrong with that. and do your research, ass… not just any coach takes his team and walks out of the big house with a win as they did in 2005. he’s turning that program around, it took pete carrol 3 years to turn around a crap SC team… give weis a break. he’s 19-6.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Wheel, c how Chah-ley duz dis year wit-out the other guyz recruitz. home-bwoy. Yall’z aint gone wyn shit, Mic, now dealz wit it and git off my tip ’bout me grammar n spellin, maybe if iyz weint to a super high rated skool like Noder Dame, I culd spel. until then, forward all correspondence to deez nizzuts, homey..


    ps- feel free to come post once yall start getting that tail kicked around everywhere, including the big house.

  3. Bill Says:

    The great Charlie Weiss gets smoked at home 33-3 by GA Tech. What a joke.

  4. Dane_Ger Says:

    Well, I don’t have the jojo or other motivation to find them (I did a quick look), but are Charlie and Bill Parcells related? LMAO


  5. Bian Guinther Says:

    Charlie you are fat ass with an ego bigeer than your behind!

    Please resign before your big brain and big behind cause ND more pain!!

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