Silky Smooth white woman alert II: Allison Stokke


NEW ALLISON STOKKE PICS.  She’s at Cal and Looking Great.

You all loved the original Allison Stokke post, so now it’s time for that Reeee, reeee, Reeeeemix.


Everytime I see this chick, it’s like Swish, errrytime we see deez pics it’s like Swish!!! Make a smooth white dude like me, wanna see the Reeeee-MIX! Sorry, I just had to take that adaptation from R. Kelly’s part It’s me B*tches, Remix by Swizzz Beats.. If you are an R fan, it’s just so much what you want. And it really perfectly describes how I feel about these damn pictures of Allison Stokke.


I don’t care if I’m late to the game, this babe is gonna get some airtime on this damn site!


(Quietly, these friends in these pics look fairly decent as well. They’ve got something going on out west. I may need to investigate…developing)


4 Responses to “Silky Smooth white woman alert II: Allison Stokke”

  1. Silky Smooth white woman alert: Allison Stokke « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] out more Stokke pics here in our updated […]

  2. Rosy Says:

    I get the body…her face is cute (the side profile still her best angle). But…silky smooth I dunno (not yet she’s still in the mionor leagues) Let this youngin marinate before she can be upgraded silky status.

  3. remyarcher Says:

    man Im jus waiting for that glorious time when she ain’t competing no more, and all that fills out …MmmmMm Mm Mmm!

  4. Pervert Says:

    Damn she’s so cute, so fresh, so supple. I want her handcuffed and in my “playroom” a bottle of lube, dildo, and bamboo cane sitting on the table for me to “entertain” her with!
    I am going to hit it now!

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