Duke Basketball Breakdown: Lance Thomas


You won’t find bigger Duke Basketball fans anywhere than right here at U v. T. No question, it’s a Commodus situation, with all the passion and ruthlessness that goes along with it. “I would butcher the whole world if you’d only love me”. Peep that scene here where Commodus offs his pops, so good.


At any rate, that’s how we feel about this next National Championship for Duke. In short, we gotta have it. Quite frankly, folks aren’t completely satisfied that we’ve got all the pieces in house to make a serious run at this thing. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll go to battle and die with the troops we have.. We do in fact support the troops! But we need a few more hard, pipe hittin brothas to make this thing work. At any rate, this is our assessment of Lance Thomas, Duke’s energetic, second-year player and former recruiting coup from New Jersey.

Player Name: Lance Thomas


Prep profile:
Ht. 6-9, Wt: 200
Small Forward/Power Forward
High School:
St. Benedict’s Prep.
Danny Hurley
Class of 2006
AAU Teams:
New Heights, New York Panthers
Points Per Game:
Scout.com rating:
5/5 stars
Rivals.com rating
4/5 stars
Class of 2006
High School GPA:
Smooth thug rows, w/ a twag of AJ from 106 & Park



Duke Profile:

Duke Info:
Ht. 6-8, Wt: 215
Class of 2010
Games played:
31 of 33
Games started:
18 of 33
Mins per game:
Field Goal %:
Free throw %:
Points per game:
Rebs per game:
Corp. Blackman, even steve, no 40 belo temple taper


Last Year:

One thing about Lance, he always gave it his all. We can respect that because, let’s face it, not everybody does. Whether it was with his high post, jumping jack ball pressure D or that aggressive, wax on wax off lateral movement, Lance always came with the heart of a lion, will of a champion (rhetoric by the Prince Naseem Hamed). With that said, we hoped that LT would have brought a bit more confidence in his scoring ability with him to Durham. Watching tape of Lance in high school (there’s still some on youtube), homey had a knack for scoring in and around the paint. He had a solid mid-range game and definitely rebounded well. I think he discovered, as many have, that the ACC is far more physical than even top Prep and AAU competition because let’s face it, plenty of Lance’s stuff got thrown back at him on put backs last year. All in all, it’s hard to quarrel with what Lance gave us though. He went out, started a bunch of games and most of all, played extremely hard. A very solid first year for LT.

Outlook For the Coming Year:

In short, LT has got to get stronger, improve his jumper and, dammit, GET STRONGER. Foul trouble has been an issue, but we figure most of that will work itself out once he doesn’t have to overcompensate for a lack of strength with speed and of course, experience. Dude has great mobility and good size at 6′, 8″- or 6′, 9″. He’s definitely got to get that free-throw shooting percentage up, but that’s just a matter of dedication which we think he has.

Clearly he’s bought into the Duke system and clearly Coach K sees him as a valuable contributor that belongs on the floor given his high number of starts and the big minutes he got in his first year. The exodus of Josh McBoberts and injury to Large Zoubek should really inspire this cat. I mean, really he should be working out with Victory, Puff Daddy feat. Big and Busta and Ante Up, M.O.P. on a continuous loop.

Lance, the millions and millions of Duke fans are with you homey. All reports in the summer say that you are playing plenty of hoop with all kinds of comp. Good to hear. We’re expecting a solid sophomore bump for Mr. LT, a cat we see as part of the solution for Duke.

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