Which guy has a better chance to start for the Browns next year?



The answer? Neither!!! Just ask No. 1 wide receiver and former Michigan stud Braylon Edwards, “Chaz is our guy”. Hmmm, he can’t be talking about Charlie Frye can he? That same Frye Brady Quinn claimed he was going to come in and supplant as the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns? The generally undistinguished Akron (that’s University of, people) Quarterback product who the Browns selected, along with a half case of IcyHot, in the third round (67th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft? Right, that same Charlie Frye I cut from my fantasy team two games in last year and never looked at a-damn-gain? Yes.


Damn Braylon, tell me more sun… “The competition with Brady Quinn will be a great one but Charlie is our guy, and with the new (offensive) system, Charlie could be looking at a big year.”

So there you have it. The team’s No. 1 wide receiver is in the Chazy Frye camp. So much for Brady coming in and doing a Vince Young, he just doesn’t have it like Vince, hell, he doesn’t have it like Matt Leinart. This cat will be a bust, a slow, long, ugly, complaining bust and it all starts with this impossible contract situation he’s got.


(Honestly, I’d rather Brady catch a Federal Indictment than have to see this brand of tomfoolery. Sister’s wedding or not, this is truly terrible. Advantage: Vick)

Hey Brady, three words: New Orleans Voodoo (of the Arena league). That garbage Notre Dame schedule and middle aged curmudgeon of a ball coach Charlie Weiss aka the Large Anchovy, can’t protect you anymore. This is the big leagues brotha. Enjoy it. Lord knows I already am.

– Laker the Hater

PS- And for you Brady apologists who think I’m too hard on him, look at it this way, at least I didn’t diss Lindy Slinger this time. Come on, give a Nilla brotha some credit.

2 Responses to “Which guy has a better chance to start for the Browns next year?”

  1. randy Says:

    ur a tool

  2. brady Says:

    all you flippin people keep on raggin on brady quinn soo what if he did this this dude is the flippin $#it he is lyk the next steve young cus he can throw and run!!!! and i wanna curse the blank out of the dolphins not picking him in the draft but at least he got to go to the team he wanted

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