Thick White woman alert: Kimmy K, can’t stop won’t stop!!!


A couple of shots of Kim Kardashian on the beach this weekend for your viewing pleasure.

“The lord is my shepherd, he know what I want” – Bernie Mack as the Rev. in Friday


If Kim Kardashian aint the baddest chick in the game right now, then I don’t know who is..

“Only God, can make it like this, Larry Flynt-tah, Hugh Hefnah, they can take the pic-chah, but they caint make it-tah, only God above, the Hugh Hefner on HIGH, can make it-tah!!!” -Arsenio Hall during his last job as the Rev. Brown in Coming to America


WOW…. and one more for anyone who is questioning anything about this woman. Lordy have mercy!


– Lakey the lover

4 Responses to “Thick White woman alert: Kimmy K, can’t stop won’t stop!!!”

  1. DHater Says:

    *****BREAKING NEWS*****

    I heard she’ll be in Playboy later this year. Hype Williams did the pics-although anyone with a high speed internet connection probably saw way more of her than will be shown in Playboy…

  2. Brady Quinn right on schedule! « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] word on whether he’s still with ole girl, Lindy Slinger. I think he definitely needs a lil Kim Kardashian, or maybe a hot cougar like Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson.. […]

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kim in playboy… not worth buying, but definitely worth seeing the bootlegged joints which will surely be all over the place online.

  4. Hey Kim: PLayboy? « Sneakerboxx Says:

    […] Pics from my dudes over at US Versus Them. […]

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