Duke Basketball: Markie hurts his wrist, dammit!!!


We got the word that DeMarcus Nelson aka Markie has hurt his wrist in the Pan-Am games trials.


Dammit!!! If there is one thing we need, it’s a healthy Markie for the 2007-2008 season. First Zoubek, now Markie.. Duke is just cursed right now. Maybe it’s the curse of b*tches past.. Hey, I would guess Tyler Hansbro also known as “Psych-co Tea” is still crying to the refs about that hit G put on him.


Tyler, pull your skirt up, cut you hair with something other than a fork and go find a cure for your ugliness in that No show, full pay job you’ve got in Carboro, NC this summer. Homey, you may have the body (and NBA future) of Surge Zwikker and the Roids of Roger Clemens, but you’ve got the heart of a buttercup.

Ty, you’re almost as bad as these crying ass, country ass, ignant ass UNC basketball fans (Just a rangin them cowbells n a’refillin them there slop buckets). Man up homey, man up…

– Lizzake from the strizzeets

2 Responses to “Duke Basketball: Markie hurts his wrist, dammit!!!”

  1. chris Says:

    you call another man “markie” and then tell Hansbrough to pull up his skirt?

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    That’s his nickname player.. aint my fault, but i see your point. did you enjoy what markie and company did last night? WELL DID YOU?! Ha!

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