Reality Roundup: Big Brother 8


Oh Carol Journey, we hardly knew ye…


A KC Chiefs dancer that gave up her spot to be on the show, then only lasted a week? That sucks. You know what is worse? It really looked like she might be workin’ with something back there. But instead of a summer full of bikini shots in the hot tub. She gets blazed after just three episodes. Brock’s intrest just divebombed.

Peep this action shot…


Body working, soaking wet, cheerleader flexability, Cablanasian feel. I’ll take it.

On the low though, she is the daughter of a state senator.


Phil Journey’s got me a little shook. I need to see ol girl’s moms before I make the final call on this one. Carol baby, hit up Surreal Life, Flavor of Love, Search for Pussycat Dolls, something. Brock Hardon at Us Versus Them has got your back.


2 Responses to “Reality Roundup: Big Brother 8”

  1. Carolina Baller Says:

    Oh man, we at the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill, near Carboro, really think this babe had some black in her. Dammit, she was the best eye candy in the house!!!! Tight shawts, short shawts.. smooth mid section too. Why did the sister have to get axed?

  2. Gordo Says:

    Her mother is from Honduras. Latin heat baby!!!

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