Runnin’ h*oes part two, when parents attack!?


You may remember this story from before, well, this is the remix, but our original post on this topic can be found here.  In a turn of events that surprised ones of people, the derelict parents of a 16-year-old girl who recently married a 40-year-old former high school coach have filed a lawsuit against the Brunswick County Board of Education, saying school officials failed to protect their daughter.


In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Dennis and Betty Hager (Parents of the year, anyone?) of Oak Island are seeking at least $20,000 from the school district for allegedly failing to discipline former teacher Brenton Wuchae and causing the family emotional pain and suffering after he wedded their 16 year old daughter Windy Hager errrr Wuchae. $20,000? Is that all? Kind reminds me of when Lake Arrington, Rib King, offered $50 to that kidnapper to pay his mom’s and wife’s ransom on Robert Townsen’s Partners in Crime.


(Windy running for Coach err Papa err Hubby ‘Dubb’)

Sorry, if a grown ass man is illegally banging out my first 14, then 15, and finally 16 year old daughter and decides to marry her — probably for the sole reason that in doing so he’s able to insulate himself from prosecution for child molestation also known as the tried and true keep your friends close and those who can land your candy ass in jail for 20 years closer principle — I think I’m going to sue for more than $20,000. Hell, you could probably sue me for 20 Gs just for writing this sh*t.. That’s nothing. I know, maybe the Attorney General, Roy Cooper, can step in, you know, do some law enforcement rather than running around proclaiming people “innocent” as he did for the Duke Lax guys.



Sorry for the digression, look Hagars, if you’re trying to get paid off your horrible parenting skills and idiotic decision to sign your daughter away to actually marry a sicko like this, get that lootchy off the book deal, the movie, something. But 20 stacks? That’s literally like suing for nothing. I didn’t know daughters came so cheap in Wilmington.

Ok, that was harsh, still, it stands.

-‘Blake’, Lake wouldn’t have stooped that low…

3 Responses to “Runnin’ h*oes part two, when parents attack!?”

  1. Silky Smooth white woman alert: Allison Stokke « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] just know Brent Wuchae is somewhere reading U v. T, just pissed the f*ck off that he didn’t get a chance…. Oh yes, Mr. Wuchae loves him some Allison Stokke as he does all these young, pretty thangs runnin […]

  2. will hager Says:

    Listen we both agree thier is a sick dude that marryed my sis. but u calling her a whore gets me pissed off so shut up and just criticize on the sicko that tricked my sister to marry him for a bunch of littlegirl-sex.

  3. Bruce Says:

    He’s seven years too late to rival the Prophet Muhammed.

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