Making the Band 4: Puff is at it again…


Well Damn! UvT is blowing up! Fitzy, the new Us Versus Them intern has been reading the emails and he tells me you cats can’t wait to see what Brock and Lake think about Diddy’s Making the Band 4. You really can’t argue with the media genius of Sean Combs. Sure, he had a bit of a slip up with Da Band (Fred, where you at? You actually had skills homey), that grubby group of non-working, smokin’ and drankin’misfits, but the show was entertaining. Then he hit that proverbial home run with Making the Band 3 which produced the platinum selling group Danity Kane.


Oh yes, we loves the ladies, and did enjoy that slim down of D. Woods, even if her stage name is inexplicable. Now Diddy is at it again with Making the Band 4, and dammit it might be the best yet.

At first I was skeptical. Expecting an American Idol, like parade of mens that like them mens. Instead we see a parade of young artistic black men. Sensitive? Sure. Way too many du rags in the house? Definitely. Is there a closet full of wife-beaters? Probably. Anyway, these cats really set up a “You Got Served” style sangin’ BATTLE! Seriously? This was crazy!


I mean that cat Brian was strugglin’ until his boys backed him up. I haven’t seen a team stick together like that since the latino cat from NY Undercover was almost stabbed in the Beat It video.

On a side note. Ankh Ra looks like a Ferengi.


Just sayin’.

Now back to the seeeensitive side of things. This cat Dre really went out like a cat. I mean he can’t like what he saw on Monday night. If I hear that damn “End of the Road” one more time. I’m gonna hurt somebody.


Here are some other things I never want to see or hear again:

Anyone say “Making the Band 4, we in the door”.

Julius say “Can I sang my own song?”

Laurie Ann in that Blue leotard. She gets immediate admission into the “I think I’m hotter than I am” club.

Big Mike say “all I’m gonna eat is fruit and Cheerios.”

Anyone say, “music is my life”.

I will tell you the best part of the show….no matter how hard these cats are working. How hard they are singing. If they are crying talking about how they never had a chance. People dancing their ass off. Diddy has the same damn slack jawed, I don’t give a damn look on his face:


I mean that shit is priceless. More next week. Laurie Ann fights Diddy? (By the way, Diddy’s gotta be hittin that right?) Can’t wait.


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