Message to Jay-Z, retire…again, please!


Sorry homey, there is no question that you are one of the best rappers of all times. No lie, we have rocked to your shit now for a clean 10 years and I appreciate it. But all these pictures of you on foreign sands playing the role of a slow old man with a young thang, it’s just too much to bear.


(can I get a hell yes for this angle and facial expression yung B is giving us right now?)

It’s crazy, because you rapped about on Encore you came back wearing that No. 45 like Jordan. Indeed, you are rocking that four-five throwback right now homey and it aint pretty. You are truly beginning to look your age. I mean, first we have these shirtless, bare breasted joints.


Awwww, I can’t take it.

Then we go with Jigga man does the waltz…



AHNT!!!!! Sorry dawg, cornball just doesn’t look good on you. Either thug it back out or stop rapping, but you can’t do all this sh*t and keep any shape or form of street credibility and I’m not even a street cred cat, but this shit is absurd. Just stop.

3 Responses to “Message to Jay-Z, retire…again, please!”

  1. 614grind Says:

    Still can’t touch the cat. Homey’s bread got B, not his Bally’s Membership.

  2. calvin sealy Says:

    hi jay z i would like to join your label i am from barbados and i write songs i have one i like and i would like to bring it out not in barbados but in new york and email me so u can tell me what too do thanks

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Dear Calvin:

    Sure thing buddy..

    – Jigga Man

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